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It Looks Like The Hand Mangalsutra Is A Thing Now!

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Mangalsutras are considered a symbol of love, and are a physical representation of married women. Barring the fact that it was Ekta Kapoor’s Hindi television dramas that taught me that in my childhood (something I am not proud of!), it’s interesting to know that the necklace that women wear post-marriage is a lot more significant than just another piece of jewellery.

Breaking down the exact Sanskrit to English translation, mangalsutra means ‘auspicious thread’ and is the Hindu equivalent of a wedding band. The black beads that are threaded in it are said to ward off evil, and our collective love for gold helps to attach a more significant value to the jewellery.

So while the age-old tradition is to wear a mangalsutra around your neck, the millennial Indian woman prefers a more modern approach to traditional practices. Which is why the fine jewellery brand TBZ The Original is now fusing tradition with trend by introducing a rather unique take on the concept — a hand mangalsutra.

Now wearing the symbol of your love isn’t just confined to your neckpiece but extends to a hand accessory as well. Even Shilpa Shetty was spotted wearing her mangalsutra as a wrap-around bracelet post her marriage to Raj Kundra.

So go big this Guddi Padwa and wear your love around your wrists with this trendy tradition.


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