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Guys Please! Everyone Wears Their Inner Wear Outside Sometimes. Like Deepika Padukone Did.

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I look at Bollywood for fashion inspiration. By that I mean I look at them, and think ‘well, that looks good’ or, ‘That looks rubbish’ and then go along my merry way because there’s no way I will be able to carry off what they are wearing. Not the thigh high slit gowns – mainly because I have nowhere to wear them to – or the very cool bralette tops they wear, because I have to travel in Mumbai and I don’t want that kind of attention. But hey, Bollywood defines and sets fashion goals is the truth and there’s no denying that.

Then once in a while, some stars turn up in outfits that confuse us. So we all looked at this…outfit? costume? that Deepika wore for the Chhapaak promotions and we asked around because none of us were sure about how to feel about this. Why is she wearing her lingerie outside? I mean, I know this is a trend but is it supposed to be like this? So many questions.

Look, we are sure there were stylists at hand who said let’s take some fashion risks and put Deepika in something that isn’t usual. The look is on brief. But what is going on with this look?

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Here’s the thing, the clothing pieces work on their own. The oversized white shirt? Yep. The boyfriend jeans, also a yes. The black corset? Nice. Those sexy, sexy heels. Hell yes. Throw them together and we have a slightly wrinkled shirt, threatening to escape from the confines of the jeans, the boyfriend jeans that now are starting to look wide for Deepika’s skinny frame and that corset looks like it’s only agenda is to stop Deepika from breathing.

The look was put together by her stylist Shaleena Nathani. The shirt was Jacquemus, the corset was a D&G piece and the jeans were from fast fashion staple Zara.

In Deepika’s defense, all the superheroes like Superman and the like wear their underwear outside and if Deepika wants to wear her lingerie outside, more power to her. We are just, well, very thrown off by the look.

Then again, Deepika looks like a cutie with that disarming smile and as usual, all is forgiven.

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