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Tatiana’s Funky Shorts Are Adding A Splash Of Colour To The Grey Monsoons!

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When it’s raining outside, I hate wearing anything that is long, tight, or has the ability to stick to me to the point that I have to literally peel it off my limbs. That leaves me with very, very few options to choose from.

Anything long has the unfortunate fate of getting mucky, and that’s why my preferred go-to during this season is everything short and practical.

Global Desi’s funky shorts pretty much do that for me — except that its vibrant effect works so much better for the grey cloud that lingers over my head.


Global Desi Shorts For Monsoon_Hauterfly

Global Desi Flora Patch Print Lime Shorts


Since sunshine rarely visits us during the monsoons, we need a little ray of colour to help break that monotony of gloom, right? I mean, this isn’t an issue when you live in a place like Goa, where the lush green helps balance out and add that refreshing tone to the darkness outside.

However, if you live in a city like I do, where smoke, fog, and the concrete jungle blend together to form this huge Gotham City-like effect, then a splash of colour is needed to stand out.

These Global Desi spring shorts have that fun, pop of vibrance the weather needs, while retaining that slightly funky, floral touch. I especially love the patchwork prints on these shorts.

I can pair them with a white loose kurti and cute rain chappals for a casual and beachy vibe, or even take it up a notch with a halter black top and tie-up heels for an evening out in the town.

Versatile, cute, and totally weather-appropriate, these shorts are definitely going to make a splash this rainy season!

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