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Forevermark: Diamonds With Heart

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‘A diamond is forever.’ If you haven’t heard these famous words before, then you might need to brush up on your knowledge of jewellery. The name Forevermark has been synonymous with the finest diamonds in the world. A brand owned by the De Beers group, Forevermark is best known for inscribing each of its diamonds with a unique identification number and a symbol that sets it apart from synthetic diamonds made in laboratories. Invisible to the naked eye, these numbers serve as a guarantee that every piece of diamond is authentic.


Frederica Forevermark

Federica Imperiali, Head of New Product Development


We sat down with Federica Imperiali, the Head of New Product Development for Forevermark to know a little more about the iconic diamond brand.
With the world gravitating towards adopting a millennial culture, we couldn’t help but wonder how the brand manages to cater to a demographic that holds its ethical values above everything else. In today’s world, buying a diamond has greater meaning than merely presenting a beautiful piece of jewellery to someone special. The current generation strives to ensure that each diamond purchase embodies a commitment towards preserving the environment and supporting local economies, And this resonates with Forevermark too, as it’s dedicated to inscribing diamonds that are not only rare but also responsibly sourced. It’s possible to actually trace the journey of every diamond that makes its way to the Forevermark stable with the help of the unique identification number engraved on it.

Sabyasachi Forevermark

Forevermark X Sabyasachi Zayna Collection

Imperiali lets us in on the exacting criterion when it comes to the responsible sourcing of their diamonds. “We want to show and demonstrate how we give back to the community, and how we have a promise of trustability,” said Imperiali, at the Forevermark Forum held at the Sheraton Grand in Bangalore.
The clear philosophy of design that Forevermark upholds is seen in its traditional designs which feature simple and classic cuts as is evident in their Millemoi collection. Millemoi combines ‘mille’, Italian for ‘thousand’, and ‘moi’ French for ‘me’ celebrates the countless roles that women play in every phase of their life. Borrowing from the distinctive tastes and preferences, specific to the countries Forevermark resides in, the brand customises its staple jewellery designs to give it a unique appeal.

Bibhu Mohapatra Forevermark

Forevermark X Bibhu Mohapatra Artemis Collection

Closer home, they have collaborated with the upper crust of the fashion fraternity. Take, for instance, the Zanyah collection designed by couturier Sabyasachi, that takes inspiration from the roaring 20s and the cultural movement of the Italian Renaissance. Their other stellar collaboration with designer Bibhu Mohapatra titled ‘The Artemis Collection’ feature designs that are influenced by the universe and the stars. With the first collection turning out to be a grand success, the second leg of Forevermark’s collaboration with Mohapatra is already in the works.


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