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#TuesdayShoesday: 10 Cool Girl Flatforms You’ll Fall In Love With!

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When someone says “a little heel never killed anybody”, I want to SCREAM out loud. Seriously. Try taking a local train to work in a pair of heeled shoes and you’ll know why I have such extreme reactions. That said, can one do without a good pair of heels? Nah! And just when we were questioning the sartorial gods about how unfair they were in the shoe department, flatforms were back in vogue.

Say “Hallelujah!” because this is a pair of shoes that not only adds height (enough to tower over your frenemy) but is also super comfortable. Not to mention, you also achieve instant fashion-forward status rank when you’re sporting a pair of cool-girl flatforms. Recently, I wrote about a super cool Gush pair for one of my editor’s picks. And while I’ve also given sneakerheads a number of platform sneaker options, this time, I’ve picked out a couple of slides and crossover flatforms. Wear them with a pair of joggers and a tank top or team it up with culottes and an off-shoulder top. However you style it, flatforms are definitely going to fetch you some compliments.

Keep scrolling to see some of my favourite flatforms to shop right now:


Mango Platfrom ankle-cuff sandals_Hauterfly

Mango Platform Ankle-Cuff Sandals (Rs 3,990)

Gush Gold Triband_Hauterfly

Gush Gold Triband Sandals (Rs 3,500)

Next Leather Flatform Sandals_Hauterfly

Next Leather Flatform Sandals (Rs 3,410)

Zara Flat Sandals With Track Sole_Hauterfly

Zara Flat Sandals With Track Sole (Rs 4,590)

Intoto Wooden Wedge Heels_Hauterfly

Intoto Wooden Wedge Heels (Rs 2,199)

Park Lane Leather Flatform Sandals_Hauterfly

Park Lane Leather Flatform Sandals (Rs 2,437 approx)

Zebba Leather Flatform Slides_Hauterfly

Zebba Leather Flatform Slides (Rs 1,795)

Mango Platform strap sandals_Hauterfly

Mango Platform Strap Sandals (Rs 5,590)

Kat Maconie Celeste Suede Sandal_Hauterfly

Kat Maconie Celeste Suede Sandals (15,615 approx)

Blur store flatforms_Hauterfly

Blur Flatforms (Rs 2,670)


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