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Alisha’s Reliving Her Childhood With These Juttis

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Growing up, I found myself surrounded by family and friends who had a natural affinity and ability to draw and create. My mum, brothers, and cousins have so much talent in this regard, that every time I look at something they create, I think to myself, ‘how far could the apple have actually fallen from the tree?’ But then I pick up a pencil and the buck stops at a cuboid and a stick figure smiley face. Because of this, I  bemoan my lack of artistic talent on a regular basis. But I love to colour. I find it relaxing and uplifting, at the same time. I also think that it helps steady your hand, and that’s something I desperately need.

So, when I chanced upon the the Alicia Souza x Fizzy Goblet collection, I had to stifle a scream of excitement. It combines my love for shoes and colouring — I mean, I couldn’t have thought of a better idea. The collaboration gave birth to Colour and Wear juttis that are too cute to handle.



Alicia Souza x Fizzy Goblet Kids Secret Garden Colour & Wear Juttis

And because I have ridiculously tiny feet, I could pick up the Kids Secret Garden pair, which I think is the cutest by far. The Secret Garden is filled with  adorable sunflowers, lilting lillies, sprawling with little leaves and blooming butterflies. Can you think of a happier visual? Also, the pair comes with a set of 12 acrylic paints, but you can also purchase fabric markers at an additional charge. And if you’re a big kid like me, these are perfect for you.

#ProTip: Choose a snug fit because the natural leather expands about half an inch after a week or two of wearing the juttis.

SHOP NOW: Alicia Souza x Fizzy Goblet Kids Secret Garden Colour & Wear Juttis (Rs 1,250)


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