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Bushra’s Multicoloured Juttis Can Elevate Any Basic Outift

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I have to thank my mum for inculcating a love for Indian textiles in me since I was little. I remember spending entire afternoons meticulously going through every stall at handloom expos that came to our city every year. At first, I found these places intensely boring. Plus, my mum is one of those intense shoppers who goes through each and every rack — in every stall, from every state — before buying what she likes didn’t help matters. Now that’s some commitment, right?

However, these were also the places where I fell head over heels in love with ikat, phulkari, chikankari, lucknowi, and kantha work. Each Indian state had its own beautiful and distinct art on offer, and I just couldn’t get enough. Picking up something from each state, getting home and showcasing our loot, putting our heads together to design our clothes, and getting them stitched, I loved the whole process of doing these #justgirlythings!

My love for mojris and juttis is a thing I picked up from my sister. I’ve been wearing them for over a decade now. Since I’m more of a street shopper, it’s my biggest grouse that there aren’t too many great places in Bombay where you can shop for juttis like Delhi, Chandigarh, etc. And so I must make do with shopping online, which brings me to these beautiful multi-coloured ones from Finesse.


Finesse Multicolor Embroidered Zari Mojris in post_Hauterfly

Finesse Multicolor Embroidered Zari Mojris

Now, I’m not partial to any colour when it comes to mojris. I love tan leather ones as much as I love embroidered ones. I can have one in every colour and still complain about not having enough. I love neutral coloured ones for the ease with which you can pair them with multiple outfits. But this multi-coloured pair is too gorgeous to pass up. It has the ability to elevate any basic outfit. Also, those pompoms are love at first sight! I heart!

SHOP NOW: Finesse Multicolor Embroidered Zari Mojris (Rs 2,500)


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