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Don’t Miss! 5 Fashion Trends You Must Try Out In October 2018

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I am going to start with the most cliché question ever – Can you believe it is October already? This year sure has gone by in a jiffy. And while we’ve already got our eyes on next year’s fashion trends forecast, we also want to end this year with a bang! So if you are prepping for the upcoming party season, or simply want to change up your style, it is never too late to get it done. Add the following style pieces to your October 2018 checklist for a stylish month ahead!

Biking shorts

Remember wearing these with tees or under dresses as a kid? Well, this friendly, comfy, stretchy pair of shorts is back in style. These are basically an augmentation of the yoga pants frenzy, as biking shorts are essentially yoga pants that end right above the knee. If your style is street style chic then these can be paired with an oversized tee, a hoodie or even with an oversized denim jacket or blazer. Katy Perry, the Kardashian clan, Naomi Campbell and the Hadid sisters have been swearing by this trend. These simple black cycling shorts are great to start with if you’re trying this trend for the first time.

Mens Blazer

A powerful piece of clothing, the mens blazer can instantly add a boost of confidence. These blazers are not your conventional structured, crisp, tailored ones. Blazers in 2018 are oversized, boxy, mostly double-breasted, long-line and come with shoulder pads and wider hem sleeves. This checkered blazer will go with everything, and if styled with a pair of skinny jeans, a crop top and heels, can be taken for a spin on a girls’ night out as well.

Bucket Bag

This trend is no stranger, but it is making a stronger appearance than ever now. A bucket bag is chic yet at the same time, has an effortless vibe to it. This marsala zip detail bucket bag is chic and the rich hue makes it work appropriate too.

Mini dresses

Get your razor out ladies, because after a long and good run of midi dresses, the mini is finally back to take back its throne of the “it” skirt. Mini dresses and skirts were all the rage in the late 90s and early 2000s till circle skirts, and midis became the chicer option, but it is now time to flaunt those legs again with this flirty hemline!

Kitten Mules

After the comfy, practical yet chic mules became a major hit, the fashion industry added a little kitten heel to it and called them kitten mules. Celebrities and fashion bloggers alike were instantly seen wearing this trend everywhere, hence, making it to our October shopping list. These black kitten mules are stylish and have a hint of glam thanks to the embellishments.

Which one of these trends are you the most excited to try out? Let us know in the comments below.


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