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8 Fashion Trends We Should Bid Farewell To In 2017

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Like certain reptiles, fashion trends are constantly regenerating itself. And if one thing becomes a fad, it catches fire instantly. However bizarre or weird it may seem once spotted, you hardly blink and the next thing you know, everyone is sporting it. Some trends are plain ridiculous, while others are fun and quirky — and more often than not, we are all guilty of jumping on the trendy-train to fashion town. Now, some of these might totally be warranted; however, they are sort of overdone! For instance, if you go to any event attended by fashionistas, you are bound to see at least half of them flaunting it all. As we bid goodbye to 2016, here are 8 fashion fads of the year that we would like to put to rest, as the new year approaches. Let’s start 2017 in a fashionably fresh manner.


1. Patent Bottoms

There was this sudden surge of PVC leggings and patent leather bottoms this year. Reminiscent of Madonna’s rockstar ensembles, this garment is definitely a classic statement — however, it doesn’t mean you need to go and invest in a new pair next year. They look good, no doubt, and do deserve to be see the light once in a while, but yeah…this trend needs to be hidden in the closet for most of 2017.


2. Choker Necklaces

OMG, this jewellery trend was so effing overdone, it has to meet its death next year! A resurgence of the ’90s fad, the chokers became this massive thing across the world and literally every girl was sporting it. It didn’t just stop at the stretchable cute little pieces we wore back in the ’90s, nope — it was revamped to ones with pendants, layers, and, of course, weird bows. I think it had its time and needs to wrap up in 2017, for sure.


3. Off-Shoulder Blouses

Ahhh, the off-shoulder that everyone went gaga over this year. I am PRETTY sure even you are guilty of owning at least one white bardot pirate blouse — I certainly know I am. We have spotted everyone, including a lot of celebs, throw extra light over various off-shoulder tops, and we think their cuteness ended when we started purchasing one in every colour. Pair this with chokers and that entire look NEEDS TO GO!


4. Fur Pom Poms

These things had to go when they started itself! 2016 saw an overuse of fur — fur nails, fur bags, fur accessories! Can we just let the fuzz be on our pets and our blankets please? Every other fashionista was spotted with a fur pom pom keychain attached to their luxury bags. And those who didn’t have those luxury bags, attached the balls to make them look fancy. Nuh-huh, I think we should just bury this trend while we can so that it never, EVER comes back.


5. Mom Jeans

These things were supposed to be a comfortable necessity for the mommies who were too wrapped up in their kids. When did they turn into fashion statement? The mom jeans trend works for comfort but so not for style — so let us keep it that way in 2017, maybe?


6. Sock Boots

I mean, WHYYYYY did these even exist to begin with? That’s all I really have to say…why?


7. Overly Ripped Jeans

Denims that are distressed and ripped a little around the knee are fine, jeans that are totally torn aren’t! Wearing jeans with massive holes all over them sort of defies the point of wearing something all together, right? You might as well just go with a pair of shorts then!


8. Socks Over Sliders

So firstly, let me say that I am so glad we got over the socks over sandals trend this year. Unfortunately, the socks transferred their ugly asses on to sliders (which, BTW, are totes ugly as well, I am sorry!). Socks under anything that aren’t a closed pair of shoes just need to go in 2017! Like Taylor Swift, we are just going to hope that they do not move on quickly to something else next year.


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