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The Short Girl’s 5-Point Cheat Sheet To Looking Tall

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At the Hauterfly HQ, we don’t really care what size you are: We believe all girls should embrace their bodies and own their looks like the badass babes they are. However, even the baddest of us girls needs just a little help every now and then to enhance what we inherited from our mothers. If you’re among those who thinks her petite height is a drawback, there are some essential fashion tips to help in that department. Here’s our 5-point styling guide to help you look taller.

1. Try pointed-toe heels or wedges

No rocket science here: a pair of chic heels are must-haves in every girl’s wardrobe even though they’re a pain to walk around in. But a pointed-toe pair (as opposed to open-toe ones) are best for short girls as they lengthen your leg line. The same applies to pointed-toe flats. A pair of wedges too will give you the illusion of height and also be comfortable enough to walk around in all day!


Court Shoes and Wedges_ Short Girl Cheat Guide Hauterfly

1. Forever 21 Faux Suede Pointed Pumps (Rs 1,789)
2. ASOS High Time 70s Wedes (Rs 3,991)
3. River Island Leopard Print Court Heels (Rs 7,965)


2. Invest in V-neck garments

V-neck dresses, shirts and tees, are a petite girl’s best friend. Why? Garments with deep v-necks help to give the illusion of a leaner, lengthier torso, so be sure to look out for those during your next shopping spree.


V Neck_ Short Girl Cheat Guide Hauterfly

1. River Island Graphic Print Dress (Rs 2,656 approx)
2. Mango V-Neck Dress (Rs 3,490)
3. Zara Long Sleeve Top (Rs 2,990)


3. High-waist bottoms are the bomb

What’s the one outfit that can make you look taller instantly? Three words: high-waist bottoms. Be it a pair of trousers or a midi skirt, any garment that starts higher than your natural waistline is a great idea for short girls as it gives the illusion of an elongated lower body. Don’t forget about showing the high waist though: style it with a crop top or a tucked-in shirt.


High Waist_ Short Girl Cheat Guide Hauterfly

1. SR Store High-Waist Skirt (Rs 2,800)
2. New Look Red Floral High-Waisted Shorts (Rs 1,001)
3. Forever New Embroidered Shorts (Rs 1,015)


4. Choose flared jeans

One pair of bottoms that can really add height to your look is a pair of flared jeans. Here’s what you should keep in mind: opt for a pair that has a tight-fitted upper cut and flares from the calf. Don’t forget that the best styling tip for a pair of flared jeans is wedges or heels.


Flared Denims_ Short Girl Cheat Guide Hauterfly

1. Zara Soft Touch Boot-Cut Jeans (Rs 2,990)
2. New Look Parisian Blue Flared Jeans (Rs 1,878)
3. Mango Flared Jeans (Rs 4,590)


5. Wear a single colour from head-to-toe

Opt for one colour and work your from head-to-toe. The single tone helps to create a vertical line, giving the illusion of height to a short frame. While black is usually every girl’s no-fail strategy, this logic also applies to bright colours, which are all the rage right now. Accentuate your look with a statement piece and you’re golden!


Colour Coord_ Short Girl Cheat Guide Hauterfly

1. AX Paris Crop Top & Pencil Skirt (Rs 1,470)
2. Misguided Buckle Detail Crop Top (Rs 2,501)
3. Misguided Buckle Detail Cigarette Pants (Rs 2,501)


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