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It’s Just Another Day Of Bollywood Boring Us With Its Fashion At The Star Screen Awards

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We want to give Bollywood credit for fashion – we really do. But when you constantly turn up in outfits that make us want to hit the snooze button, you know it’s not going too well. Look, Bollywood isn’t really known for taking fabulous fashion risks- we’ve barely seen it do something that will make us sit up and take notice so we weren’t expecting much but even when the expectations are abysmally low, we’ve still been disappointed.

Case in point, the recently held Star Screen awards where celebrities turned up like they had run out of fucks, much like us. The fashion in Bandra is more interesting than what the stylists and stars churned out and I’m trying not to be too harsh. Maybe no one cared or maybe…actually, no, it looks like no one cared.

Yes, the A listers were there but even their fashion was underwhelming at best. In fact, Deepika Padukone looked like a Filmfare award herself and it was all very confusing. Even the hair and makeup wasn’t anything to write home about. But write we must, and so we did.

Kiara Advani turned up in a black sequinned number with a thigh-high slit which ticked all the boxes but looked as interesting as…watching paint dry but even that might be slightly more engaging. Where have we seen this before? Everywhere, on practically everyone.

In fact, we don’t think Kiara thought much of it herself, a picture of this outing hasn’t made it to her personal Instagram account.

Sara Ali Khan turned up on what looks like leftover Christmas gift wrapping paper with an added bow and everything. Sara, we don’t know who is already done with the wrapping of their gifts this early but you need to question two things; ‘Is this paper reversible and therefore can be used again?’ and ‘Is everyone blind?’

Clearly, the gift wrapping look is in this season because Bhumi Pednekar also turned up in one these. Unlike Sara, she decided to go with a gold outfit but she did not forget the bow detail. Bhumi, Christmas trees have been calling, they want their tinsels back.

Kriti Sanon turned up in an outfit that made her look like a very sexy paramecium. There’s a sentence I thought I would never write. Google paramecium – you will know this unicellular organism when you google it.

Taapsee Pannu turned up in a white sequinned outfit and while it fit her fabulously, her makeup looked like it could have done without the whitewash she was subjected to. Fire your makeup artist Taapsee!

Anaya Panday turned up looking like she had to abandon her duty as a loofah and turn up for the event. We’re not digging this. Anyone else think of a doll cake when they saw her? Yeah, me neither.

Alia Bhatt turned up in a saree that was ho hum and didn’t excite us at all. In fact, she didn’t look excited by it.

Only Deepika Padukone sizzled on the red carpet but then she looked like a Filmfare award and maybe she was throwing some subtle shade? The mind boggles.


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