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Falguni Shane Peacock Apologised For Saying Plus-Sized Brides Should Lose Weight. We Are Glad It Is Cleared Up

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I am a fashion enthusiast and will literally drop everything I am doing at even the remote mention of a collection or something fashionable. So naturally, when the India Couture Week was lining up this year, I was more than enthusiastic to go and attend. And I have to say, I was impressed. With brilliant collections and remarkable designers in the line up, this year’s fashion week was on fleek. The designers knew what they wanted to create and they did so, seamlessly and giving us all a taste of high fashion. However, if there was one designer in particular who did not articulate her thoughts properly or maybe articulated them too bluntly, much to our dislike, was Falguni Shane Peacock. 

The designer duo is known for their flowery and graceful ensembles and westernised silhouettes that are flattering to women everywhere. However, Falguni  has found herself an altogether new branding, one that is not flattering at all – that of a body-shamer. At the ICW 2019, where the designer presented her new bridal collection with Sara Ali Khan as the show stopper, Falguni had some pretty shocking things to say in a candid interview, that clearly got way more candid than anticipated. However, soon followed by a gracious apology.

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THIS. Yes, this is is what is wrong with our society. Shallow Designers like @falgunishanepeacockindia conveniently telling a fat bride “it’s easy to lose a few inches’ and then come back to buy a wedding lehenga”.. I mean.. how about YOU make a dress instead that would fit the bride’s size wouldn’t that be easier Falguni.And, what on earth do you mean by fat women should wear high necks and Flaired skirts, and not fitted clothes.. I mean your idea to dress a fat bride is to put her in a sack. Disgraceful.. You and designers like you are toxic. Filling young mind’s with fake idea of what beauty is. Ugh!! Let women and men be. Everyone is beautiful.. Be it a size 2 or or size 22.. everyone is gorgeous. And everyone has the right to wear and dress and buy the clothes that they’d like. N Your job is to make that fuckin dress available in every size. Period. 😠#stopthistoxicity let’s make #fashion available for all. Shall we? . @falgunipeacock stand up and speak now. . #falgunishanepeacock #ndtvgoodtimes #ambikaanand #plusisequal #fatisbeautiful #shunfalgunishanepeacock #apologise @falgunipeacock #bodyshaming #gutsontoast #guts

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In a round of questions, when she was asked what would she suggest a plus-sized bride to pick for her day, the designer gave the million dollar advice suggesting that the plus-sized bride lose weight instead. Because maybe according to her, you only look good in bridal outfits when you’re thin. And then it gets worse, when she was asked to yet give her suggestion on a choice of clothes for the brides with curves, and she goes on to narrate all the things that wouldn’t look nice on a ‘big frame’. 

 Now you see, the problem with her and a lot of others is that they see beauty confined to only a certain set of standards. You can’t be fat and be a bride and look pretty, could be a simple translation of what the designer said and it honestly makes us want to roll our eyes to the far end of our skull. Not only is she stereotyping beauty but also demeaning those who have a big frame. which, is never a problem, by the way.

People need to understand that there is a difference in being fat and in being unhealthy. No one would support or want to be unhealthy, but having a big frame or a curvy body is nothing to not feel pretty about. A concept that clearly flew way past the designer while she spilled her words of wisdom in what seemed like heat of the moment.

The only thing that doesn’t flatter a woman’s body is the lack of confidence, which Falguni was handing out like it was going out of fashion. The designer however, felt responsible for the words she doled out and issued a gracious apology, clearing the fact that it was never her intent to come across as someone hurting plus sized women, and having dealt with such issues herself, she would always urge people to wear anything that makes them happy. 

As this apology does us, for we really love the woman’s designs and would not want anything to make us feel otherwise for her incredible line. We are glad this has been cleared up and put to bed, with no harm done.

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