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Eye Wear Trends For The Girl Who Wears Glasses!

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Glasses are not just something you have to wear for your vision. Over the years they have gone onto become a fashion statement. There is a pair for every look that you are going for. Whether it is big printed glasses for a hipster vibe, or you are popping on a sleek pair to look more intelligent and serious, glasses have the power to change up your entire look.
Obviously, the vision glasses industry has seen a round of trends come and go! From hexagonal glasses with rimless frames in the 30s, classic cat eye in the 40s  to aluminium cat eye in the 50s and a softer cat eye in the 60s, glasses are anything but basic. The 1970s were all about huge, oversized, bee-eye style sunglasses. Then came the 1990’s where oval wire glasses were cool! In the 2000s, rectangular frames were the “in” thing!
Whether you are a regular glasses wearer or just wear zero-number glasses to add some character, here is a look at some trends you should be investing in.
Pastel Hues & Ultra-Violet
Pastel has been a huge trend back in fashion, but it has now translated to eye makeup and eyewear! Another way to play up this trend is by picking thick clear frames. The Pantone colour of the year is ultraviolet and obviously, it translated into a trend for eyewear. This deep purple colour looks stylish and chic, stands out and goes with everything.
Thin Frames
The lighter, the better, is the new mantra when it comes to glasses. Pick glasses with thinner frames so it does not leave a dent on your nose, as most heavy glasses do.
Tortoise Shell 
While tortoiseshell has been around for a while, the glasses are now coming in unique patterns, so you can pick tortoiseshell glasses in hues and patterns that match your skin tone and hair colour. Try to pick them up in a millennial pink or lavender so you can mix two trends in one.
Brow bars
Post the launch of the Prada double-bridge glasses with tortoiseshell tips at the arms, the newest trend of the season is brow bars, these can come in single or double brow bars. If you have a smaller nose, pick single bar as the double brow bar draws attention to your face. Sonam Kapoor has been seen rocking this trend several times as well.
Modern Cateye 
The modern cat eye glasses are nothing like the traditional cat eye glasses. The modern cat eye glasses are more rounded and with pointed edges on the top.
Oval Glasses 
Tiny clear oval glasses are a trend from the 90s that are back. These are so light and tiny, they allow you to show your eye makeup and off!

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