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Everyone Can Quit Airport Looks Because Rihanna Absolutely Owned It In This Fabulous Outfit

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For some people, flying back home is an anxious endeavour. There is no way we are landing in our hometown looking like the sexy sirens we are on the daily. Our cropped tees and wrapped shorts are traded in for a pair of sensible jeans and a “nice shirt”. Some women take it further to kurta pyjamas, but that’s an overkill and our smart AF mothers can see right through it. But what happens when you grew up in a literal party island AND is also the world’s richest female musician? Fortunately for us, we won’t have to leave that scenario to our imagination because Rihanna just showed us what that exactly looks like!

The stylish recording artist and queen of shade, Rihanna, stepped out of her private jet in Barbados, decked out in a fabulous outfit!

Rihanna did not wing her travel style with just any athleisure look. She paired a sexy knot plunge shirt with a high slit wrap skirt and strappy stilettos. She managed to be her usual ‘extra’ self in some chic diamond and gold accessorising. We don’t just mean necklaces and studs sister, no! The lady remembered to put on an anklet and THAT is what we call committing to the theme of the party. She did change into some sneakers later which makes us convinced that she wore the heels exclusively for the flight.

Rihanna’s all-black outfit also reminded us of how delicious wrap skirts are! This underrated style has been relegated to just ethnic wrap around skirts at this point, which are not killing it like this sexy, sleek one. They are so versatile for a variety of body types, given that they literally can take any form. Workwear, travel or a night out with the girls, wrap skirts are gold.

So we got one, don’t judge!

This is only the first among the many fancy outfits we will see the R&B singer in. Fun fact: Rihanna was born and raised in Barbados. She goes back there almost every year for the colourful Crop Over festival, which is just a big party the islanders have for a little over two months. The singer has been instrumental in generating buzz around the festival, her many carnival-themed outfits being the talk of the town. This year seems no different as she stepped out for the first day in this OTT feathered look…

That’s it, partying with Rihanna is officially on our bucket list!

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