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Erm Katrina, Can We Just Point Out That Your Holi Outfit Was A Massive Fail?

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Katrina Kaif is one of the most stylish celebrities working in Bollywood right now. She is in great shape and aided by stylist Tanya Ghavri, her curated looks always slay. We can’t say she’s experimental, because she isn’t. Even her hair is ho hum most of the time but her looks, while safe, are mostly on point.

But then this Holi outfit happened and we are concerned. A number of stars stepped out to play Holi and they were a bit underwhelming IMO. But Katrina took the cake. Heck, she took the whole bakery with her super awkward appearance at the Zoom Holi party in this Anamika Khanna creation.

The Wrong Vibe

We don’t hate the outfit, per se. Concept wise, we actually think it ticks all the right boxes. But the vibe, that’s missing. The ruched skirt and denim crop top are supposed to be grungy meets feminine in the flowing cape. Which actually works.

With Katrina, this charm was amiss due to her overdone hair, silver danglers and the too-tight top and skirt. These separates were wrong for someone with an hourglass figure, turning the natural fall of the skirt into a fitted lungi which we can never get behind.

The Sneakers

Don’t get us wrong, we love the occasional fabulous sneaker paired with a glitzy lehenga. But there is a time and place for that too. Sonam Kapoor is a person to talk to for that. Her lehenga and sneaker combinations are totally chic, with the essence of the outfit not ruined but elevated with this offbeat pairing. Karina’s outfit is in desperate need of some length here, which is only cut short by the boxy and plain white sneakers.

Wearing A Designer Statement Look In The First Place

If you look at all the other attendees at the event you will know why we are fussing about the Katrina looks. Holi parties called for your usual kurtas, shirts, shorts and other easy-to-wear numbers. But the fact that a perfectly fine Anamika Khanna collection piece was probably ruined by the colours is so not cool. Why would you wear a white cape on Holi, for crying out loud?! Can we please not ruin gorgeous designer wear by sourcing them for Holi parties please?

Because honestly, I am sitting here trying to salvage my torn white t-shirt because it fits so well.


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