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#WOTW: Let Your Shoulder Do The Talking With Epaulettes

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It’s easy to say “take a bold move in fashion” because boring is nowhere close to chic. But frankly, styling yourself with that level of grit is a step by step deal. But once you’re on it, there’s no looking back to a basic ensemble. From wearing body jewellery beneath your low neckline top or teaming a studded bomber jacket with a formal ensemble, you’ll find a way to reflect your eclectic persona through fashion. And a simple way to do it is by adding epaulettes to your regular ensemble.

What’s an epaulette? A creation by the French, this piece of shoulder adornment was a way to identify soldiers when on the field during battle. And soon enough, the Americans followed suit during the Civil War. But before we knew it, the military accessory turned into a veritable fashion statement and was perfected as a decorative accessory on gowns, dresses, and jackets. In fact, design houses like Balmain and Burberry Prorsum have worked epaulettes into their couture creations as well, adding some much-needed zing to trench coats and evening jackets. Even Indian designers like Little Shilpa and Nitya Arora of Valliyan have made some stunning pieces worth coveting.

So if you want to add an edgy touch to your evening look, work a fringed piece or a military-esque epaulette on your garment. Or you can just add a simple one to glam up your regular look.

Shop these funky epaulettes STAT:


Little Shilpa Mensa Epaulettes_Hauterfly

Little Shilpa Mensa Epaulettes (Rs 6,500)

Little Shilpa Phyllo Epaulettes_Hauterfly

Little Shilpa Phyllo Epaulettes (Rs 9,500)

Little Shilpa Melo Epaulettes_Huaterfly

Little Shilpa Melo Epaulettes (Rs 10,500)


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