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Engagement Ring Trends Every Girl Should See Before She Says ‘Yes’!

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When your boyfriend pops the question, the first thing every girl does is gets a good look at the ring (after a missing a heartbeat, of course)! Got to admit, that ever-so-important engagement ring is what we all dream about.

From the cut to the colour and the clarity, there’s a lot to consider when choosing your engagement ring. And with the numerous varieties available, it does get a little confusing. But what are we here for, right?

Now, while the solitaire is never quite going out of style, if you’re looking for something trendy, we’ve put together these gorgeous engagement ring trends that are sure to serve as major inspiration.

Rose Gold

Lots of brides-to-be are choosing this stunning metal for the romance it exudes. It’s not your conventional yellow gold, but neither is it a stark white. Rose gold is a great option if you want to flaunt a delicate pattern on your ring finger.


Rose Gold Trend 2_Engagement Rings 2017_Hauterfly

Bluestone The Raymond Ring (Rs 25,138)


Rose Gold Trend_Engagement Rings 2017_Hauterfly

Candere Mazarine Diamond Ring (Rs 61,226)

Colour Gemstones

Why stick to the boring white diamond when you can play around with colour? Bright-hued stones make a bold statement, and really stand out from the usual. Pick a design that combines a big stone with smaller white diamonds.


Coloured Gemstones Trend_Engagement Rings 2017_Hauterfly

Candere Kristianna Red Spinel Ring (Rs 74,286)


Coloured Gemstones Trend 2_Engagement Rings 2017_Hauterfly

Caratlane Bluelight Ring (Rs 34,028)


Stacked Rings

Stackable rings are great when you want a stunner, but also need something you can wear on an everyday basis. The detachable nature of these rings makes them versatile for both occasion and everyday use. Plus, isn’t it fun to mix and match?


Stacked Rings Trend_Engagement Rings 2017_Hauterfly

Caratlane Emily Stackable Ring (Rs 65,082)


Stacked Rings Trend 2_Engagement Rings 2017_Hauterfly

Candere Love Cushion Stackable Diamond Engagement Ring (Rs 78,775)


Intertwined Bands

If you’re looking for something with meaning, then intertwined bands are the ring choice for you. They represent the coming together of two lives; two people becoming one. It doesn’t get more symbolic than that.


Intertwined Rings Trend 2_Engagement Rings 2017_Hauterfly

Caratlane Caroline Intertwined Ring (Rs 15,679)


Candere Virginia Solitaire Engagement Ring (29,922)


(With inputs from CaratLane design team)


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