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Editor’s Pick: Zahra’s Colourful Limited Edition Timepiece

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I’m of the firm belief that every woman should own atleast one fabulous watch. In fact, Hauterfly‘s fashion writer Simi Kuriakose even included it in her list of wardrobe essentials for every kind of girl. So whether it’s just another accessory or an expression of your individuality, a watch is one of those things that can never let you down in the sartorial department.

While we featured a funky and super affordable watch yesterday, I think a good investment piece adds a touch of luxury to your practical everyday look and elevates your ensemble in the most subtle way. And with rose gold reigning supreme all of last year and continuing its run well into the new year, I’ve decided that I finally need a new watch with a feminine yet androgynous edge after my trust old Rado decided to die on me last week. Repairing its circuit was costing me a small fortune, so I wondered if I could get an affordable luxury watch instead. That set me on a path of online window shopping, before I finally set my sights on the new Kaleido watch from Fossil. Let me just say, it was love at first sight.



Fossil Limited Edition Kaleido Watch


Women’s watches these days aren’t dainty or delicate. We like our watches big and beautiful, thank you very much. And that’s only part of the charm with this watch. The Kaleido watch is inspired by the kaleidoscope (remember those things?), and its numberless dial is literally brought to life thanks to several individually cut and colourful “floating” shapes that mimic those swirling patterns found in an actual kaleidoscope. No matter how old you are, that sense of amazement while peering through the lens of a scope and the mish-mash of light and colours is magical. And when a watch mimics this in an aesthetically pleasing way, you know it’s the perfect accessory to help you have fun with fashion without looking completely cray!

What’s more, the 38-mm rose gold-plated stainless steel Quartz watch comes with dark brown leather straps that add a refined, androgynous edge to the otherwise feminine timepiece. It’s almost like a piece of statement jewellery on your wrist. But that’s not even the best part. This limited edition watch — only 1,484 pieces are available worldwide — comes in a one-of-a-kind gift box that includes your very own real-life kaleidoscope in a glossy, rose gold hue. Discovering the time was never more fun, huh?!

SHOP NOW: Fossil Limited Edition Kaleido Watch (Rs 21,561)


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