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#AskHauterfly: Do You Really Need SO Many Brushes For Your Makeup?

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If you’re a girl who thinks fingers are ALL the tools you need to apply your makeup with, let me tell you that you might be following a rather incorrect mantra. Don’t get me wrong, dabbing on some product with your fingers is allowed, but umm not all of it. Makeup brushes are essential on so many levels — they are hygienic (of course you need to clean them often), they help with even application and they also allow for your technique to be precise, rather than all over the place. If you are a makeup junkie, I am sure the idea of buying makeup brushes tickles your fancy, but if you’re somewhat of a beginner, then I am sure that these bristles freak the hell out of you. So many brushes, so little time. Now, if you follow any beauty vlogger or blogger, you will see that they own a truck-full of tools, but keep in mind that they also own 15 eyeshadow palettes, 20 foundations, and 200 lipsticks. So don’t let THAT freak you out.

We’ve narrowed down the 5 must-have brushes for any beginner, or even someone who is an artist in just doing the basics.



MAC Foundation Brush (Rs 2,800)

1. Foundation Brush

A must-have in your mini-kit is a good foundation brush. If you’re a blender or sponge person, just know that it works great, but it absorbs more than it applies, so you just end up wasting product. Also, a brush gives you that opportunity to build coverage — so go from light to full with just a couple of dabs.


Lottie London Concealer Brush (Rs 550)

2. Concealer Brush

Just like the foundation brush, the concealer brush allows you to apply most of the product on to your concealable areas. By using your fingers, you just waste product and pretty much wipe it off, instead of concealing the desired points.



Vega Angular Brush (Rs 290)

3. Eyeshadow Brush Medium And Angular

This might be the one area you will absolutely need 2 tools to concentrate on. A medium eye shadow brush will allow you to spread the eye shadow and blend the colour in on your crease. While an angular, smaller brush head will give you that sharp and precise finesse the corners and waterline will most definitely need.



The Body Shop Blusher Brush (Rs 636)

4. Powder Brush

The powder brush will be your bff if you’ve got a combination to oily skin. This is a multi-purpose brush that can be used to dust on your loose compact powder, as well as a blush (both cream and powder). When selecting, pick out one that is of a medium round head, which is soft in texture.



Vega Lip Liner (Rs 80)

5. Lip Brush

If you’ve got the whole smear it from a tube thing nailed down then you can skip this one. However, if you’re more the ‘oh shit, what happened to my lips’ sorts, then this one is for you. Get a defined lip by using a lip brush in order to achieve that perfect pout. The bristles spread the product and colour more evenly and you can also control the intensity you want.


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