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Dress Up Your Hair With An Amazing DIY Hairband!

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Whether you have short or long hair, one hair accessory that is a must for every girl is a hairband. Gone are the days when all that was available in the market were those plain black plastic bands. Slowly, the plain ones got promoted to colourful ones. And soon, they became mad popular!

Nowadays, there are more types of hairbands than you can count. From cute flowery ones to soft fabric bands, there is something for every kind of girl. You can wear them with your hair open or with a sleek side braid. If styled well, this simple accessory could make you stand out in a crowd. There is always an argument that hairbands are for little kids but I beg to differ — women look every bit as gorgeous in them. Choose the correct band with the correct outfit and you are good to go!

Hairbands are not that expensive but if you are looking at some high quality ones, the cost could certainly pinch. So, instead of raiding the shops for one cute little piece, why not make one on your own at home? It is not rocket science and hardly takes anytime to finish. You can either buy the regular plastic band and decorate it with flowers, wrap some wool on it, attach a few beads to make it look pretty, or you can make one from scratch using a piece of cloth and wire.

Materials: Thin wire, old t-shirt, hot glue.

Directions: Cut a long 2-inch wide piece of cloth from your t-shirt. Use hot glue to fold the edges neatly inwards. Wrap it around the wire and voila, your band is all set to be worn!

Check out this video by the super-talented Sara Cornor, who tells you how to DIY some pretty cool hairbands while showing a few simple hairstyles. Which one did you like best? Let us know in the comments below.



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