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#HauteHacks: Go Completely Backless With This Bra Strap Extension

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Bring your sexiest back to the NYE parties you’re going to be attending this week, because going backless couldn’t get easier. Everyone faces the wrath of the bra when deciding to wear something that is a little too revealing. Whether it’s straps that are playing peekaboo with everyone or buckles that just won’t stay put, the jail that holds your puppies upright can be quite a pain. When going braless isn’t an option (although we would like it to be), we need to come up with various ways to conceal those ugly straps. For times like that, we turn to certain hacks that will help keep our boobs up, yet not be too obvious about their existence. This DIY bra strap extension is an easy breezy way to not ruin your pretty little bra, yet prevent that strap from standing out when you want to go backless.

So don’t be afraid of showing some skin this season and try out this simple fashion hack!

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