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Jazz Up Your Denims With These DIY Embroidered Patches

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Denim is one fashion trend that has been a style staple for decades now — probably one of the most iconic looks from the good ol’ days, flaunting that denim jacket means bringing out that old school, casual vibe that’s also super cool.

Making the fun and funky element from the ’80s and ’90s a current affair, the use of appliqué or embroidered patches on denim are totally trending at the moment. Think of it as pimping up your jeans by adding a little spunk to them.

If you stop by any high street store, you will spot how little emojis, prints, and icons are taking over the shelves. Whether they’re sold separately, or even stitched on to various denim items, you’ve got to admit that you cannot ignore how cute they look.

Check out the video above to know how you can DIY your own custom-made, embroidered patches and add some funk to your everyday ensemble. You really don’t have to be a needle master for this one, as this technique requires minimal stitching. Here’s a big fat thumbs up to that!


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