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Deck Up Your Christmas Jumpers With These DIY Tricks

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Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer! I don’t know about you, but Christmas always embraces my heart with warmth and joy. So, in colder countries where the holiday spirit starts infecting everyone in November itself, a lot of retailers tend to sell Christmas jumpers and sweaters, which go on to become a fashionable trend and style statement. Knit jumpers with Santa’s oh-so joyful face, Rudolph’s red nose, Frosty the Snowman’s round belly — these are regular statements to make this season. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t really been able to find those cute little knits in India, which sort of killed the whole Christmas fashion vibe for me. Secondly, if I were to order those cute knits internationally, they’d probably cook me into a roast chicken in time for Christmas dinner. So for the times where I can’t find things to suit my liking, my solution is to always DIY it!

It’s quite simple actually — if you have got old sweaters and jumpers lying around that remotely look like winter, then that’s pretty much all you need. Check out how Andrea shows you how to decorate your normal knits with snowflakes, glitter, and beads — infect them with the Christmas bug, right in time for the festive season!


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