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DIY Chokers: How To Rock A ’90s Trend In 2016!

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Every time I go out, I spend several hours deciding what to wear. Once that’s done, the other headache is figuring out what to accessorise the outfit with. Are hoop earrings too much? Is that neckpiece too big? The confusion is endless. I’ve always believed in accessorising as minimally as possible. And the one jewellery piece that helps me keep things in check is a choker. Honestly, it’s the perfect accessory for a hundred different outfits!

Chokers are back in style and have been trending for most of 2016. And everyone from Rihanna to Sonam Kapoor have been sporting these ultra trendy pieces over the past few months. Chokers were a major 90s trend, when all things goth and grunge were the looks du jour. However, chokers have become less badass and more beautiful in 2016.

Whether you want to wear it to work or to a party, this versatile jewellery piece can elevate any outfit from boring to banging in minutes. And while there are loads of places online where you can buy these accessories, turning this fetish into a collection can be an expensive proposition. What’s more, the idea of spending upwards of Rs 1,000 on a single strip of ribbon or decorated silk sounds painful. That’s why we’re so into DIYing these little babies!

Indian Youtube sensation Sherry Shroff did this really cool video on various ways to DIY chokers and we LOVE it! She showcases 10 — yes, 10! — different styles that you can make yourself and they’re not only super easy to do but the combined cost for making all of them us under Rs 500! Now if that isn’t more bang for your buck, I don’t know what is!

Check out the video below and tell us your favourite ones in the comments below!



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