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Ditch The Nudes And Blacks! This Brand Has Fun Lingerie For Plus-size women!

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If you’re a plus-sized woman in India, chances are you’ve been saddled with the most boring choice of clothes in the market. Oversized kurtis in bland colours and the like. Thankfully, brands are now serving up the plus-size segment with marginally more interesting clothes. Lingerie, however, continues to bore. The options you have to choose from will either leave your assets exposed to the elements and offer bare minimum support or will look like something a grandmother would wear to a funeral. So you can imagine that we would be bored with the choices on offer.

As if it was not enough that we have to settle with the limited and average variety of men, we also have to settle on the colours and support of our lingerie too. Not anymore girls, not anymore. Parfait Lingerie, a brand that’s serving up some pretty interesting options for plus-sized women has come to India and we are jumping with excitement (while our busts are fully supported!)

The brand says its vision is to promote ‘size inclusivity’. After all, finding the right size and kind of lingerie is just like finding the right guy. Except, if we’re being honest, it’s even more important than that. Also, isn’t it about time that brands realised that our population is blessed with all kinds of body types that do not conform to the sample sizes they have to offer. Parfait made its debut in India with the launch of its Summer Spring Collection in association with India Intimate Fashion Week at JW Marriott Mumbai.

The show was headlined by actress Zareen Khan who walked down the ramp for what was a one-of-a-kind lingerie fashion show that had Indian plus size women from different age groups, going up till the age of 50. She added, “Lingerie is not one-size-fits-all, and neither are the women who wear it both on and off the runway. It is great to see Parfait celebrating size inclusivity. Available in varied sizes and colors, Parfait lingerie is beautiful and very comfortable to wear.”

Finally a sigh of relief for all the plus-sized women!


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