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Disha Patani Relies On This 90s Styling Trick To Make Her Sporty Outfits A Whole Lot Cuter

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You can take the kid out of the 90s but can’t take the 90s out of the kid! The decade that presented oversized dungarees and barbie pink tank tops in the same spectrum shall always hold a special place in our hearts. Let’s face it, we will never be as fly as we were way back in middle school. The punk chokers, chunky bracelets, and beaded braids were a whole ‘mood’. But chin up, buttercup, because these trends are well on their way to make a comeback, some even gaining iconic status in the process. One such trend that has caught our attention particularly comes from another 90s kid Disha Patani’s personal wardrobe and it’s adorable!

The charm necklace first came into our lives in the form of friendship bracelets that we shared with our 5th grade BFFs. While the friendship might have faded, the dainty little bling stayed in vogue throughout. In Disha’s case, the actress blends her sporty signature style with layered necklaces in order to make something feminine and it works!

The actress is big into extreme fitness (gymnastics and dance) and has slowly but efficiently built a signature style. With a mix of athlesiure and form-fitting staples, Disha always looks like she is about to break into a rap song about living the high life. We like the fact that she changes up from the usual sultry dresses stylists and brands put her in. Being the face of Calvin Klein this side of the shore, helps!

That is why we find her accessorising game, stacking one necklace onto another, very ‘charm’-ing indeed!

The Choker Necklace Gold

Disha and denim are a match made in fabric heaven! The actress sports a wide variety of denim basics on the daily, focusing on flattering styles like cropped jacket and booty-hugging jeans. Add a layer of gorgeous necklaces in the mix and you can pose away at your own golden hour!

Charm Necklace Design

IMO, a charm necklace a wardrobe essential that every woman should own. They come in so many shapes, designs, and forms. Most can also be customised to suit the person who’s wearing it, I used to add little stars in mine! With Disha, a couple of stacked dainty necklaces paired with a neon tank is peak 90s girl fashion and we are so in love with it!

Colour And Resin

For ladies who love to add colour to their bling, we have a whole set of bohemian and resin necklaces to choose from! Disha paired a stack of motif necklaces with her solid tank and we love the look. A special nod to the resin set bling, these pure babies are as unique as they are beautiful!

What are some of your favourite accessorising trends? Let us know!

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