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Disha Patani And Shraddha Kapoor Did Corset Tops And Both Failed To Impress

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#CorsetFact: Corsets weren’t always how they are today. They date back to at least as early as the 16th century and weren’t made from cloth and silk. Some Aristocratic women were known to wear bodices reinforced with whale bones and tusks, and then later, even metal!

Corsets are an interesting piece of clothing. Originating as flattering yet essentials (back in the day they were!) that gave women back problems, they have now become an indulgent element in modern fashion. Today, women wear corsets if they choose to, not because it is required of them. It has also moved on from being an undergarment to a street style alternative for slip tops, being particularly popular with the ‘Insta Influencer’ crowd. While I myself haven’t fallen to the temptation of trying it out yet, I won’t deny feeling intrigued. They are incredible sexy, almost look like lingerie but the kind that can be passed as outerwear and is certain to fetch compliments.

However, the biggest reason why I haven’t ever donned a corset, even though I am quite experimental with my style, is because they are tricky! For instance, some of these are quite uncomfortable which for an out-and-about girl can be a turn-off. It is also important to pick the right style of corset top for your body type because if something cinches at the waist, you have to find ways to balance out the rest. All of this was definitely not considered when two of our fashion girls, Sharddha Kapoor and Disha Patani, chose to style corset tops in different ways and fumbled.

Sharddha Kapoor has been playing with edgier looks on he promotions fro Street Dancer 3D and seems to be struggling with them a little. A recent ensemble by the always pretty actress was made up of baggy trousers, mesh top, tie-up boots and a harness-style corset top. I have never been a fan of mesh and will never be; they are not any woman’s friend. We’d rather do Shraddha’s corset with a solid full-sleeved top or a fitted tank of the same size and length. This one looks like out of lace auto-parts and that ain’t cute!

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As for Disha, her ensemble was doing pretty well until we saw the corset top. It’s not fitted to her frame, is loose (a corset sin!) and suffocates her breasts in the worst way. Ideally, a corset’s breast line should fall below one’s bust in order to give it a lift and make them look the only bombshell in the world. This is not happening here but I definitely like those leather pajamas!

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If I was to seek out and shell out on a quality corset top, I’d either wear it in its elemental form (with high-waist jeans.)

…or with a button-down and elevate a semi-formal look:


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