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Deepika Padukone Snarkily Defends Her Poses In Outfits And Thinks You Should Learn From Her. We Want To

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Imagine having to dress up in a tricky outfit, step onto a studio with harsh lights, and absolutely sell the garment with NON-stale poses. I can foresee myself getting an anxiety attack if I had to do it for a day. This makes me wonder how actresses manage to do it almost every single day, especially when they’re promoting a film. Each new day brings with a new challenge in the form of an asymmetrical skirt or a bulky blazer whose shoulder pads you need to work in your favour.

It usually works out for our desi ladies because we have talented stylists and photographers working in the business. But if you want to take it a step further, what then? Anybody can get their hands on a snazzy jacket, it is how to wear it on you that matters. A real diva will never let an outfit ‘wear’ her and will do everything in her power to stay in control of the look. This often leads to some quite interesting poses because the muse has immersed herself in her creativity, which others may not always get.

Just ask Deepika Padukone! The actress has been opening up herself to experimental fashion and chasing up the aesthetics with it, resulting in the most fun poses we have seen in a while.

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The leggy beauty has been using her long limbs to her advantage and playing up the traditional form of glamour shots. Obviously, there are going to be some raised eyebrows, sly chuckles or a couple of head scratches trying to decode what’s up with the picture. All of which, Deepika seems to have taken with a grain of salt.

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In a recent interview, the actress was in no mood to laugh off the memes about her photoshoot antics. In a refreshing turn, Deepika was more than happy to brag about her modelling experience coming in handy while doing promotional shots in designer clothes. While she dedicated some of her quirky looks to husband Ranveer Singh, others she attributed to her knowledge of how to make any kind of fabric, trim, embroidery and detailing work. There was a hint of shade when she said, “I’d like to believe that I am the queen of these photographs because I’ve been a model which most other people have not been. I’ve been a model before I was an actor and I understand how to carry clothes off and what you need to do to make it work. So, learn!”.

While we haven’t known Deepika to be one to humblebrag but this proclamation certainly speaks loads of her self confidence and “owning her shit’ because she worked hard for it.  She has previously confessed about her modelling days consisting of many teachable moments by saying, “I had no training, no mentors. I worked it all out on my own. Sure, I had some failures, personal and professional. But sheer determination fuelled me. It was empowering.” I personally love this cheeky and unabashed side of the actress, much more than the refined and “perfect” persona she carried before. It is fun and makes her even more charming!

Check out the entire video of Deepika Padukone talking about her looks!

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