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Deepika Padukone Makes A Stylish Case For Monotone

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The one aspect of fashion I’m fascinated by is perspective. What may seem tacky for some may be quirky for others. It’s said that fashion changes over time, but I like to believe it’s the perspective of people that broadens over time. Sartorial cues that were once unacceptable have turned into must-dos, and what was once a style fail is now trendy. For instance, whoever thought wearing a dress over pants would seem cool in time? Even teaming a suit with a pair of sneakers, or print-clashing garments, are now fashion forward.

I remember how the list of fashion faux pas was once headed by the top-to-toe single colour look; it was literally criminal to wear one shade from head-to-feet. But circa 2016, and collections of prominent design houses like Armani, Hermès, Mara Hoffman, Akris and others displayed a tonal look. Even global fashionistas like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo and street style stars have given this trend a nod.

The tone-on-tone trend can be quite a style gamble, but a well executed head-to-toe monotone look that’s effortless deserves a standing ovation from the style crowd. Why, you may ask? Firstly, this is quite an attention-seeking trend; one wrong move and you WILL be the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons (Sample: “She looks like a crayon piece in that eye-sore of a colour!”). Secondly, the trick to styling this look is getting the balance right: a colour that suits you, followed by choosing complementary shades of that same hue. Too much to sink into, right?

So we decided to demo it for you through one of our favourite star’s style graph. The one Bollywood actress who has nailed the monotone look is Deepika Padukone, so much so that it’s now become her signature style. Effortless — that’s what comes to my mind when I see her wear this trend time and again. Here’s how you can ace a monotone look just like Deepika Padukone.


  1. Opt for a colour that suits your complexion

If there’s one colour that totally complements Deepika’s skin tone, it’s white. Not to forget, white-on-white is the easiest way to work a tonal look. Here in a Stella McCartney ensemble, the actress keeps it to a flowy fabric, which adds to the simplicity of the ensemble. The starkness of the white is softened by the gold danglers. Chic, isn’t it?  

2. Stick to a silhouette that suits your body type

A well-tailored, structured garment is something Miss Padukone carries off with ease. The actress cuts a fine figure wearing an all-red outfit comprising an ASOS cape blazer and fitted trousers. I like how she tactfully breaks the boldness of this brash red outfit and a plunging neckline with the help of a black Marks & Spencer tank top.


3. Play with textures or prints, or both

Keeping the Marsala tone intact from head-to-toe, Deepika cleverly mixes prints between the Patine shirt and skirt. While the texture on both garments is flowy, she’s blended an uneven and diagonal checked pattern (on the shirt) with florals on the skirt. Such a great way to break the monotony of this look. What should one keep in mind? Clashing prints. Make sure that if you have a fine print on top, you need to work a larger print below, and vice versa.


4. Layer with shades from the same family

Choosing shades from the same colour scheme is a key style tip for the tonal trend. Also, layering is a great way to work this trend. When it comes to choosing black from head-to-toe, you don’t want it to look like you’re headed to a funeral. So opt for shades that mix well with black. The actress keeps both these styling aspects in mind: black is the main colour here (shoes and tank), while she easily blends shades such as navy blue and dark green into the look through her ASOS White culottes and gilet.  

5. Don’t go overboard with accessories or make-up

There’s no doubt that darker colours are easier to style in a head-to-toe look. But one tip to keep in mind is to never go over the top, either with the jewellery or in the make-up department. Keep it subtle for a more sophisticated, modern look. Gold and Marsala are a match made in heaven. And Deepika accessorises this & Other Stories dress with a Tom Ford cuff and Amrapali bracelets (both in gold), skipping earrings or a neckpiece and looks stunning!


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