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Deepika Padukone’s Hot Pink Ashi Studio Dress Got Lost Just Before She Hit The Cannes Red Carpet. Here’s What Happened Next

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There is a reason why many celebrity management teams are one of the most overworked people in the industry…theirs is a high-risk environment with too many uncertainties. A lot can go wrong when you are tasked with putting together a whole look for an A-lister on an international red carpet which has a million eyes preened on it to spot the mistakes. Also, there are just so many things that are beyond your control; from something as little as a bad hair day causing unruly styling or a major scene of ruining a dress with no backup. One of our fashion girls tough had to go through the ultimate scare of flying out for a global event and landing without an outfit.

Deepika Padukone has been a constant fixture at the Cannes Film Festival for many years now and a story recently recounted by her stylist Shaleena Nathani has managed to make us feel anxious though we were never there!

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In a recent interview where Shaleena was recounting red carpet wardrobe woes, she revealed, “This is my favourite story! The Ashi dress that she wore to Cannes. We landed and the dress was missing. We didn’t know where the dress was. We were flying from New York to Cannes and we had a stopover in London. I think the minute I landed in London I switched on my phone and I got a call from the designer saying that we don’t know where the dress is, we’ve lost it. Apparently, the shipping company has lost it. I just didn’t know how to react”, she confessed.

Frankly, it is this kind of BTS tidbits that give us a perspective on what kind of pressure celebrities and their glam teams while creating content face, almost on the daily.  There is nothing you can do to avoid a shipping delay while flying to a whole continent, except to keep a clear head and stay positive.Which is exactly what Shaleena did, who seems to have behaved in the most zen-like manner in the face of adversity.

She further elaborated, “I usually try to be positive and I tried doing that in this situation. Of course, we had a backup but then it is a backup and it is not as great as the main outfit. Anyway, the outfit arrived and we then decided to wear it on the second day.”. Phew!

It would seem that Deepika’s long term stylist and friend is a big believer in the Boy Scouts’ motto ‘Be Prepared’. I guess there’s a fashion lesson in life hidden in this story as well…always pack an extra pair of everything for emergencies. You never know what might come in handy.

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