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Debina Bonnerjee Talks About Wearing A Bikini On The Small Screen, Says Times Have Changed And We Agree!

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It is not just the movies that have gotten competitive! The Indian television industry has been making strides to evolve with changing times and it’s showing. There was a time when it was labelled regressive, the women confined to sarees with pallus over their heads and a large chunk of the populace couldn’t relate. But things are changing.  From roping in A-list celebrities to reality shows to be more liberal with their topics and characters, TV is catching up. It’s not just the makers, the actors are opening stepping out of their comfort zones as well.  Joining those ranks is Debina Bonnerjee, who recently sported a bikini in for an episode of her TV show Vish.

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The actress confessed that she was nervous about her first time donning a swimsuit on TV. For the episode, she can be seen in a solid back one-piece paired with sheer netted cover-up and a pearl wrap necklace.

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Talking about her decision to take the leap, Debina said, “Actors need to be flexible when it comes to stories. I was nervous initially but I knew that the plot line of the show demanded this. My character in Vish Kanya is of someone who doesn’t care about anyone and that has to reflect on my acting. I think times are changing and people are more accepting, irrespective of the medium of storytelling. My fans have always supported me.”, she elaborated.

Debina first got her break while playing Goddess Sita in Ramayan. Understandably, audiences are used to associating her with the character, a fact that often becomes inconvenient for TV actors. They become so recognisable because of the reach of television, that anything else they do ends up attracting some form of chagrin. Debina, though, is not concerned by this. She confessed, “Ratings do not matter to me much but yes, it does because it matters to the rest of the people. I mean, to the producers and the channels but to me, my performance and appreciation for my performance matter to me the most.”

With shows like Sacred Games, Made In Heaven and Four More Shots Please! being responsible for changing audiences’ consumption patterns, moving them to streaming services, we wonder what else traditional TV has in store. Times are changing yes, but so are audiences. We hope Indian TV is ready to evolve with its audience, who are only getting smarter. Will the occasional bikini be enough? We think not.


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