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Dear Stylists, Why Put Malaika Arora In A Bralette Top That’s A Terrible Rip-Off That Offers No Support?

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There is nothing that bothers me more than to see a genuinely stylish celeb being ‘cheated’ of their flair and put in something that they themselves might never approve of. Malaika Arora has evolved as a style star by owning her sensual side and adapting the sartorial options to build a damn hot resume of looks. From sexy thigh-high slits to goofy slogan hoodies, she does it all with ease. I am also particularly impressed by her just effortlessly loving in risqué workout clothes and seeming totally unbothered by the prying paparazzi eyes. She is definitely one of the rare ones out there pushing the envelope with what’s acceptable for woman of her age to wear. Not that it matters in our eyes, but society thinks otherwise.

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Sometimes though, even a bombshell like her can have a slip-up, one of her recent outfits definitely being one of them.

For an episode of MTV’s Supermodel Of The Year, Malaika was decked out in monotone separates from Malak El Ezzawy, paired with a trench from 431-88 by Shweta Kapur. Styled by Maneka Harisinghani, we are not feeling this ensemble on her at all. For starters, and maybe we should have led with this first, the bralette top is such a rip-off of label Brandon Maxwell’s SS20 collection’s statement look.

I first spotted the trademark style of the cropped top paired with a ball-gown style skirt was on Fifty Shades fame Dakota Johnson and was instantly a fan. The draped look of the top with a plunge style is such a unique and fresh look and has already become a talked-about style in fashion circles. It is almost like a ‘moment’ in fashion, which was so embedded in my memory for being cool that I instantly went to it after seeing Malaika’s look.

It makes sense that the ripped off piece will not get the job done because the outfit just looks plain weird. Malaika’s gravity-defying boobs disrupt the balance of her frame and seem to offer no support to the ‘girls’. I get what the stylist was trying to go for but here it’s just a hodgepodge of bad decisions. We’d not wish this outfit on our worst enemy TBH.

We have been talking about put biggest celebs being dressed in copied designs more than we’d want to. There is nothing more frustrating for a former fashion student to see these labels have their moment in the limelight when they don’t deserve it. Shouldn’t people who are most associated with a popular fashion front watch out for such fumbles? We think so!

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