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CBFC Believes Replacing A Bottle Of Booze Is More Important Than Replacing Alok Nath! WTF?!

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Most of us millennials would like to believe that we’re the ones calling the shots in our life, but the truth is the real puppet masters for a majority of Indian kids is their parents. From school to what major you choose, and career to the guy you marry, you can barely decide anything in your life without first running it by your parents.

Seems like the Central Board of Film Certification plays a similar parent to the Indian films, and in all honesty, they’re doing a rather hilarious job! Quite recently, the CBFC flagged the upcoming comedy movie De De Pyaar De, starring Ajay Devgn, Tabu and Rakul Preet Singh, and suggested a few sanskaari edits for the movie.

Now, considering the movie has Alok Nath in the cast playing a doting father, my first guess was as good as yours; they must have dropped him and replaced him with someone, anyone, not struggling with a perpetrator tag. But no, what was instead asked to be replaced was a bottle of alcohol in Rakul Preet’s hand. And with… wait for it… a bouquet! Yeah, we’re ROFL-ing too.

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And if you’re wondering why, let us add that this was deemed a ‘necessary’ change in the movie, because obviously the idea of women drinking in a movie, or in real life is absolutely bizarre. Who even does that? Just the men, clearly. The board also asked for a few dialogues like  “performance better hoti hai” and “Manju ji ke aalu O ho ho …wahi ache hain..”, “ki yeh sab jhoot hain” to be deleted, for their double meaning.

The board has earlier too received flak for suggesting absolutely unnecessary edits for movies like Padmaavat, where Deepika’s barely visible midriff was asked to be hidden. Also Udta Punjab, prior to its release, was given a list of 89 revisions, most of which were down right revoking the very point the movie was trying to make. And people thought that the problem was with the earlier chairman, Pahlaj Nihalani. But even after him being replaced by Prasoon Joshi, the board seems to be keeping up with its absurd trend of censoring things left, right and center.


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