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Zahra’s Checklist: 7 Super Cute Pyjama Sets To Netflix & Chill

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If you’re like me, you probably pay a lot more attention to the clothes you wear in public than the ones you wear at home. While I love casual clothing that looks effortlessly put together when I step outside, I’m a total slob when I’m chilling at home. Most evenings and weekends, you’ll catch me in cheap and colourful cotton nightshirts I’ve picked up from Colaba Causeway or mismatched pyjama sets that are just begging to be discarded.

However, I’ve grown increasingly annoyed with my plebeian nightwear options. I think it’s time to upgrade my old tees and shorts in favour of more purposeful (and pretty!) PJs. If everything else about you is so chic, why should your sleepwear be mundane, no? And just because you plan to spend the entire weekend indoors hibernating or binge-watching your favourite shows on Netflix, that doesn’t mean you look like a dull couch potato.

Ahead you’ll find 7 pyjama sets that are so stylish and flattering, you’ll be tempted to wear them both inside and outside the bedroom. Let’s get this couch party started, ladies!


Mango Pyjama Set_Hauterfly

Mango Flowy Shirt (Rs 1,790) + Mango Flowy Shorts (Rs 1,790)


Asos Watermelon Pajama Set_Hauterfly

Asos Watermelon Print Tee & Shorts Pajama Set (Rs 2,240 approx)


Dandelion Night Suit Set_Hauterfly

Dandelion Printed Night Suit Set (Rs 3,700)


Stella McCartney Night Suit Set_Hauterfly

Stella McCartney Olivia Pajama Set (Rs 13,069 approx)


H&M Top & Shorts_Hauterfly

H&M Printed Pyjama Set (Rs 1,799)


Forever 21 Elephant Print Night Suit_Hauterfly

Forever 21 Elephant Print Night Suit (Rs 999)


Marks & Spencer Night Set_Hauterfly

Marks & Spencer Floral Cami Set (Rs 3,250 approx)


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