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Cricket Has Not Given Us Anything To Celebrate But These Sportswomen Are Absolutely Killing It

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As I am writing this, India is out of the Cricket World Cup. We got defeated in a match that we could have potentially won. And we are going home. I am really bummed out.  Now, by the time you read this, Twitter, experts and self-proclaimed Twitter experts will be doling out match analyses and we could listen to these till the cows come home but it won’t change the result of the match. But here’s the thing, even if you think we have nothing to celebrate, we do. Our women athletes are giving photo finish after photo finish at the global level, namely Dutee Chand and now Mirabai too.

Dutee Chand, the ace sprinter for India and currently the woman this nation is raising a toast to, has become the first Indian to win a gold medal in the 100m race in the 30th Summer University Games in Naples, Italy. The 23-year-old professional sprinter broke the news to everyone by sharing a post on twitter, holding a mascot for the games and her gold medal in hand. She captioned it, “Pull me down, I will come back stronger!” and in an honest confession, it literally made us forget about the hand we may lose tonight at the world cup.

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She was congratulated and gratified by the President of India among many other on twitter, who seem to be rejoicing in her and in India’s victory. Chand bagged this medal with a stunning record of 11.32 seconds. She also holds a record for a whopping 11.24 seconds in 100 m. She then shared another post, saying, “With years of hard work and your blessings, I have yet again broken the record by winning the Gold in the 100m dash in 11.32 seconds at The World University Games, Napoli. In the pictures, are the winners too, with a heart of Gold from Germany and Sweden. @Napoli2019_ita.” Clearly she won all our hearts too.

Mirabai also won a gold at the Commonwealth Senior Weightlifting Championship being held in Samoa. 24-year-old Mirabai lifted a total of 191kg in the senior women’s 49 kg event category to ultimately win the gold medal in the Olympic qualifying event, adding another feather to India’s cap. Mirabai, who hails as India’s star and hope, took to Twitter to announce her win and  despite the heart-breaking loss in the semis, this one has us feeling all proud.


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