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15 Colourful Juttis That Work Just As Well With Jeans!

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The itinerary when I’m on a trip to my hometown Kolkata always includes SHOPPING¬†because believe it or not, the style scene in that city is phenomenal. Not to mention how affordable it is. I remember how the last time I was there, I picked up four pairs of traditional juttis from one of my favourite street stores well-known for the same. Though my sister (who’s always been my style inspiration for all things ethnic) wore unconventional and stylish mojris, my love for these shoes actually began really late in life. But now I am a jutti loyalist. In fact, wherever I go on a shopping spree for ethnic wear in India — Hyderabad, Bhopal — I always pick up at least one pair of¬†juttis. (P.S.: Cannot wait to visit Chandigarh. I’ve heard it’s THE place for jutti lovers.)

But if you rely on the internet for your shopping needs, fret not! There are a number of options in e-commerce stores to buy juttis; some pricey, some easy on the pocket. Just so you don’t have to do the dirty work and scout store after store online, I’ve scanned thoroughly to give you 15 funky jutti options that are far from basic. Team them up with your desi suits, or even with your fusion wear. Whatever your style, I’ve got you a jutti for every occasion!


Coral Haze Minty Mirror Jutti_Hauterfly

Coral Haze Minty Mirror Juttis (Rs 2,400)

Made From Soul Peek-a-Boo Jutti_Hauterfly

Made From Soul Peek-a-Boo Juttis (Rs 1,700)

Fizzy Goblet TV Jutti_Hauterfly

Fizzy Goblet TV Juttis (Rs 1,950)

Zeva Suhani Jutti_Hauterfly

Zeva Suhani Juttis (Rs 2,200)

Pastels & Pop Check Mate Jutti_Hauterfly

Pastels & Pop Check Mate Juttis (Rs 2,100)

Urban Pitaara Black & White Polka Dot Juttis__Hauterfly

Urban Pitaara Black & White Polka Dot Juttis (Rs 999)

Comfy Orange Floral with Ghunghroos Juttis_Hauterfly

Comfy Orange Floral with Ghunghroos Juttis (Rs 1,150)

Needle Dust Chattri Jutti_Hauterfly

Needle Dust Chattri Juttis (Rs 2,900)

Royal Pitarah Eye Candy_Hauterfly

Royal Pitarah Eye Candy Juttis (Rs 1,800)

MNZ Bhakti Printed Juttis_Hauterfly

MNZ Bhakti Printed Juttis (Rs 1,650)

Coral Haze Mexican Wave_Hauterfly

Coral Haze Mexican Wave Juttis (Rs 2,200)

Jutti Choo Snow White Jutti_Hauterfly

Jutti Choo Snow White Juttis (Rs 2,700)

Needle Dust Dance At Dawn Jutti_Hauterfly

Needle Dust Dance At Dawn Juttis (Rs 2,900)

Pastels & Pop Bohemian Treasure Jutti_Hauterfly

Pastels & Pop Bohemian Treasure Juttis (Rs 2,600)

Fizzy Goblet Ikat Triangle Jutti_Hauterfly

Fizzy Goblet Ikat Triangle Juttis (Rs 2,500)


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