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10 Slit Dresses Only Chrissy Teigen Could Get Away With

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To be honest, Chrissy Teigen could get away with wearing practically anything. So *just* these thigh-high slits is definitely putting it mildly. She often gets flagged down by the fashion police for multiple malfunctions on the red carpet, but her IDGAF attitude could bail her out of any possible situation.

So if it’s thigh-high slits Chrissy wants, that’s exactly what she’ll get, but don’t expect anyone else to pull them off as well as she does. Not a lot of people can get caught with their lady bits out and make a joke about it on their own social media the very next day.

That said, here are some of her best slits yet, keep scrolling!


1. Let’s start with the most recent one, shall we? It’s still a bit risqué for the Oscars and Chrissy’s strategic hand placement keeps it from running wild and free.


2. This slit may not have been that high with her leg down, but Chrissy’s not about to let a slit go to waste, is she?


3. You guessed it! This is the one that everyone couldn’t stop talking about and frankly, if she’s ok with it, I’m ok with it. Please note her caption with the photo. #Goals


4. Have toned legs, must flaunt! If you work out that much, you may as well show off all that hard work, right?


5. Generally, it’s the high heels that complete a dangerously high slit. Chrissy doesn’t even need those stilettos to get the most out of her dresses.


6. Ok, this isn’t a slit but do you blame me for adding it to this list? Her legs look toned as ever and you have to admit no one else can pull this off.


7. What’s better than one slit? It’s 2 of course!


8. The mode of transport really doesn’t matter. If you have Chrissy Teigen’s legs, you wear slits.


9. This might not be as daring. But somehow, the colour mixed in with a slit makes it so sexy.


10. ‘Sun’s out buns slits out’ has got to be Teigen’s life motto, right?!


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