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Ami Patel X CaratLane Solves Your Everyday Jewellery Problems

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I’m a big fan of statement jewellery, don’t get me wrong. But I will say that it’s not always the most diverse or versatile. In the sense that there’s a stark difference between statement jewellery that you want as the focus of an outfit, and understated jewellery that you would want to wear every day to complement an outfit, albeit subtly.

And this is precisely the problem for women who are looking for accessories that are dainty and understated, but contemporary and made from real stones and metals…you just don’t find them.

So, when we heard that celebrity stylist Ami Patel collaborated with CaratLane to fill this exact gap in the market (and in our lives), we were understandably thrilled. We even had a quick chat about it all so we could get you guys the scoop.


1. What inspired you to even collaborate with CaratLane and create this collection?

You know, I’m always looking for small pieces of jewellery as opposed to chunky ones, and every time I went out to look for something like that, I’d never find it. It got me thinking, “Where can I find this kind of amazing fine jewellery, which is real?”.

I’ve known Mithun Sancheti for a while and we started talking about how there is a big, empty space in this market, and that this was the perfect time to come out with it. And just like that, we decided to do it.


It was an interesting experience because a stylist has never really ventured into jewellery design. The process started 4 months ago, from sketches to the final production of pieces. Because we wanted to launch around Valentine’s Day, the pieces revolved around the idea of love.

It basically all started because I couldn’t find what I was looking for — something that would appeal to my personal style.


2. Tell us about your favourite pieces in the collection.

I love the personalised bracelets. You can have your initials embossed on them, in diamonds. I also love the chains because I love the idea of layering.

Rihanna does the kind of layering I love, so I wanted that kind of understated bling, which included chains of different lengths with pendants, but with real stones. Right now, you can only get it from Forever 21 and other high-street brands like that.


3. Explain to us the importance of accessorising when you put together a styled outfit.

I believe that styling is all about the details. For a look to be complete, you have to pay attention to the details. And by that I mean in a subtle way, not too ‘in your face’.

So even if you’re in a cool, fun summer dress, it’s just a nice touch to have a few midi rings, and some other small accessories. It’s kind of like a barely-there thing that isn’t OTT, but you notice when you pay attention. Accessories are details. Its about completing the look.


4. In case people have been living under a rock, can you tell us the story of how you became one of India’s best-known celebrity stylists?

It’s a really fun story. I was fashion editor at L’Officiel, so I had been styling magazine covers forever, and had been toying with the idea of getting into styling celebrities. I had just happened to have worked with Priyanka Chopra on 2 covers back-to-back, when I bumped into her 6 years ago at Diwali in London.

This was at the Accessorize store at Oxford street where she was trying on hats. I see this girl with a really strong voice and presence wearing a red hat but I couldn’t recognise her under the hat, but when I got closer, it was PC.


So we got chatting and she mentioned that she was looking for stylist. And so, just like that, while I was buying jewellery for a fashion show and she was trying on hats, this happened.

I was really excited to try it and she was shooting for Don then, so when she came back to India in December, I started styling her. And that was it.

5. What have you learnt from your experience of working with so many leading ladies?

You have to always be on the ball, stay updated with what’s happening the world over, and never slack. And the other thing I’ve learnt while styling celebrities is that you have to get to know them first so that you understand their style.

It’s important to bring out the person’s personality and not replicating a particular style you might like onto everyone.


In fact, Mahira Khan told me that she wanted to work with me because she liked the way I give each one of these women a distinct style, instead of copy pasting someone else’s. It was an unexpected compliment that came from her, and one that I really loved to hear.



Like anything you see? Comment below and let us know! Follow Ami on Instagram at StyleByAmi.


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