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Celebrity Stylist Amandeep Kaur’s Myntra Insider Masterclass Will Tell You How To Do Fashion Right!

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Fact: An online shopper of my caliber loves a good loyalty program! A city girl who manages to thrive on a minimal budget, my shopping habits have to be smarter than the rest. Subscription boxes are BAE, premier memberships that promise discounts in every purchase are a lifesaver and added member benefits are fun to redeem. For me, the ideal rewards program would be something that gives me add-on benefits in exchange for my purchases, a temptation that I cannot resist anyway!

This idea of a loyalty program like doesn’t seem a distant dream anymore since the Myntra Insider Program promises to do just that.  The key benefit of this program is that shoppers who sign up are entitled to top tier fashion advice from celebrity stylists that can be redeemed against points. Users can also enjoy savings on their purchases and get VIP access to Myntra sale events.

Once you are an Insider, you can take your pick of classes throughout the year on themes like wedding fashion, party wear, street style, ethnic fashion, workwear, retro wear, and vacay style. These classes will be offered through a webcast at certain times during the day (similar to TV shows), however, you can also watch the recorded session at your convenience. Users can redeem their points to attend a class. During the classes, users also have a chance to ask questions and get responses from a team of stylists. These stylists have also put together their look recommendations for various occasions in the form of curated product collections, which is available only for Insiders.

We got in touch with one of the stylists from the lot, Amandeep Kaur, and picked her brain about how this can provide a unique shopping experience for people, with a touch of fashionable styling and coveted tips about how to dress your best!

The Myntra Insider Masterclass

Ooh, this Masterclass sounds interesting. How did this happen?

A. So I have done a few Masterclasses before, but when Myntra contacted me for this I was a bit surprised as the scale of it sounded big. I was up for it and was quite excited to take this one up.

So, people like us, not celebrities, get all the insider access to you? That’s so cool. What was it like for you?

A. It was a bit strange at first to be honest because to reach out to a large scale of audience it needed to be recorded on camera and broadcasted, and for someone like me who is more used to be being behind the camera, to be sitting in front of it is always a bit daunting. I was pleased with myself though, that apart from not being very comfortable with all that hair and make-up stress, I was quite comfortable to talk in front of the camera. The entire process seemed quite smooth and seamless. 

This is the first time you will work with regular people. Are you nervous or excited? 

A. I work with non-celebrities from time to time, and it’s a refreshing change, as it’s interesting to implement my aesthetics on a regular day to day life, and see what difference can it make to people like us. So yeah I am pretty excited!

So, you will share juicy details on how to get fashion right? I love! Where do I sign up?

A. Hahaha! Well, it’s juicy for people who are really interested, and I am sure there are lots to learn and adopt. You can log into the Myntra Insider page on Myntra App, and you can book yourself a spot. 

Okay, but like, set my expectations. Tell me what I will be able to learn. 

A. You will be able to understand the process of styling that each one of us (stylists) go through. There are lots of tips and tricks to learn basis the body type and occasion you are aiming to style. My session is about Holiday Fashion, so I have talked about lots of fun trends and colors and how to incorporate them, for both men and women. And in the end, I have even put a few looks together to give everyone some visual inspiration to start being fearless and having fun with fashion. 

Also, you have been dressing up celebrities. I am not one. Will this blow my budget?

A. Not at all! Fashion is not about spending lots of money, its like science that you need to understand and ace, once you learn to do that, you can just have fun with it without blowing up your wallet. And Myntra is an amazing platform to explore that, as you find a great variety and top trends from brands that are much easier on your pocket. 

A Peek At Amandeep’s Styling Chops

I only buy a bikini once in a while. Tell me how to play it up with the trends this season.

Bikini is a tricky business, as it needs to cover up just enough and show the parts you are more confident about. One needs to first analyze their body type and play it up accordingly. There are tons of options in the market these days – Retro is a big trend, so polka dots, high waisted bottoms, sweetheart neckline, knotted details, or retro prints, are all super hot right now. If you want to create a statement, you can go for one-shoulder top/ bandeau style/off shoulder bikini top with high waisted bottoms, or if you are feeling a bit sporty, go for colour block, zipper details, belted or knotted t-shirt style bikini. 

I can’t be the only one that thinks I look like a potato in a swimsuit. What are some universally flattering styles?

Ruching at the waist is very flattering, it gives a visual hour-glass like curve to the waistline. For necklines go for V neck or sweetheart neckline, U-shape or round necklines will make you look broader than you are. I also really recommend a good padding or underwire situation, when your bust is perkier, you feel more confident! When going for a bikini, I recommend high waisted bottoms that contain the mid-section better than the thong style or low waist narrow bottoms. 

How do you pack for different vacations- tropical, mountain, adventure?

Well, different destination call for different outfits completely. For tropical, you should have fun with prints and color, breezy fabrics and go for a relaxed yet chic vibe. 

For the mountain, the focus should be on the right functional fit that is comfortable and safe, special attention to the right shoes that work well for hiking, and once these basic boxes are checked, then bring in elements of cool prints and pop colors. 

For adventure vacation, it depends on the kind of adventure you are going for…a good bodysuit for snorkeling, right pants and a sports bra for bungee jumping, a functional yet statement jacket for a long biking adventure. Different locations, different needs. 

What are the basic wardrobe staples everyone should carry on a vacation?

A good swimsuit, which will come handy be it a beach, pool or even river/lake; a thick puffer jacket for sudden temperature drop; a thin jacket for that slightly nippy nights; good sports bra; functional comfortable pants – joggers, cargos, sweat pants; basic solid fun color t-shirts that can be layered and styled in diff ways; boots and sneakers that are good for long walks; fanny packs or small sling bags that can contain your nick-nacks without loading too much weight on you

I pack too much for every getaway – even if it’s only for a weekend. How do I change that?

The easiest way to prevent over-packing is to make looks for the number of days you are going for. Dedicate 2 hours of your time, style yourself from top to bottom in what you would like to wear on that vacation, complete with accessories and shoes, and then pack only the final looks in your bag. Drop-in few extra layers in case you change your mind depending on the weather etc, but don’t carry too many options and decide on the holiday about what to wear. It takes away the precious time of your holiday that you would rather spend chilling and having fun, and also it prepares you to pack precisely saving you from all that extra weight. 

Any travel hacks you would recommend- for example, boots are a bad idea at the airport because they always ring off the alarm. 

  • If going for a winter vacation, carry 1-2 overcoats only, and wear/hand carry one through your travel. It saves lots of baggage space and also gives you warmth in cold flights and airports. 
  • Roll up your knits and pack them in the empty corners of your suitcase.
  • Carry some button-down long shirts that can double up as dresses or layers when you need to variate within the same clothes.
  • Take a couple of scarves, it adds the traveller’s boho vibe in your look, and also can save you from tanning too much at the beach, holding your hair back on a bike ride, doubling up as sarong if you forgot to pack one, or just dress up your bag in holiday fashion.

What kind of versatile pieces should everyone carry on a flight?

A light puffer jacket that protects from the harsh air conditioning and adds an element of color/print to your wardrobe, a cute shawl that can be wrapped around for instant warmth or for covering your eyes in absence of an eye mask, an oversized hoodie that’s comfy and the hoodie can hide your messy out of bed hair or can even pulled up till the eyes to help u sleep better, a big tote bag to contain all of these.

Intrigued enough? You can sign up for the Insider program here and the Myntra Insider Masterclass experience right here!


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