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These Cat-Eye Sunglasses Are Giving Tatiana Some Crazy 60s Vibes

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When I think of the 60s, red pouts, winged liners, and cat-eyes are the first couple of things that spring to mind. We do have to thank the era for iconic legends like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. If there’s one decade for me that still resonates in the fashion world, it’s definitely the 60s. I mean, I can’t think of any era that is so well replicated even till today, whether it’s the bold beauty choices or the sexy pin-ups. So when I saw these cat-eye sunglasses, I simply fell in love. Just imagine, cruising down the roads of Italy in a classic convertible, wind in my hair, and me flashing my retro glares…isn’t that liberating? Just like every other Hollywood starlet. The glitch is that only the latter is plausible for me at the moment.


Well to be entirely honest, the great era may not be the only reason I fell head over heels for this pair. I will also blame my obsession on my love for felines (and no…no crazy cat lady alert needed). I find the incorporation of the cat-eye with the cat ears in these sunglasses quite cute and unique. For a feline-enthusiast like myself, I am not ashamed to say that it does amuse me…a lot. Don’t judge! And hey, if it comes with a purpose (in this case protecting my eyes from UV rays) well then, you have my money.

Where classic meets crazy, I love buying myself anything that is bit funky and will turn heads. Since the monsoons are currently on a snoozer, I’d call it fate and say that flaunting this pair is definitely in my destiny!

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