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If You Thought Your Manicure Was Expensive, Wait Till You Check Out Cardi B’s Met Gala Nails!

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With a rather flamboyant but eye-catching outfit, Cardi B made it to most of the ‘Best Dressed’ lists at this year’s Met Gala. The rapper kept up with her tradition of turning up in gawk-worthy red carpet outfits. For her version of ‘Camp’, Cardi went a gown that was exaggerated but classy. It was big and bold but did not look like a costume. And boy, did she slay that!

The OTT Thom Browne monochrome gown featured a three-metre long train that took her entire team to carry all over the venue. While the gown and headgear is one of the stand-out details people noticed, we want to talk about those shimmery nails!

A total of 250 Swarovski Crystals were glued on her in what can only be described a long nail session. It was carried out by her favourite nail artist Jenny Bui, who has been doing her nails long before Cardi became a household name. While the base nail paint only cost 10$, we can only speculate how much the bill of the crystals must have run up to. “I used over 250 stones of all different shapes. It truly looked amazing when completed,” Bui told Refinery29

According to Jenny, the whole thing took more than three hours to get done. She gushed about how Cardi was one of her most hard-working clients, coming through for fashion even when she is exhausted. “I love her. She’s so humble. She’s so loyal, and she’s so nice with everybody,” Bui said. I guess it’s true what they say about our hair and nails– stick to the one who knows them best. We have to applaud Cardi’s dedication to upholding the Met Gala theme, nothing can be campier than OTT nails that won’t let you hold a fork and we love it!


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