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Label Alert: This Diwali, Pair Your Kurtis With These Super Cute And Sustainable Shoes

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The festive season is officially upon us and while corporate offices all over the country are gearing up for Diwali parties, we have started to panic about the outfits. The best part about Diwali fashion is that there is no pressure on what is deemed as “festive enough”. A simple kurta paired with nice trousers should silence even the strongest naysayers about wearing ethnic at work.

While the market is filled with Diwali sales and special collections of fabulous clothes, there is not much in the way of shoes! We keep the shoes on the back burner, re-purposing our festival shopping highlights from Navratri and Durga Puja. But hey, there can never be “too many” shoes in our closet. And for Diwali 2019, we are looking at some chic flats, that look cute on us and make for great gifts as well.

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The good people over at CAI collaborated with Bollywood’s new favourite designer Vedika Merh, for a range of vegan footwear…and they all are so cute!

Hauterfly CAI x Vedika M Sliders

Label CAI is known for its hand-made PETA approved vegan footwear. Founded in 2015, the brand is dedicated to creating handcrafted designs from artisans to create aesthetic yet functional footwear. This craftsmanship was paired with Vedika’s signature hand-printed designs to make attractive looking pairs of comfy flats, heels, sliders and slingback sandals.

“Our prints for our collaboration with CAI have been inspired by geometric and abstract prints. The prints are all hand-painted & block printed which is synonymous with our label. The palette used for these prints are from light to deep shades varying from peaches, light grey to black and white and deep blue”, said Vedika, talking to us about her collection.

Here are some of our favourite picks from the new collection!

Geometric Mules

Strappy Sliders

Talking about their products, the good people over at CAI elaborated, “Typically vegan shoes means using materials like PU leather, faux suede which is 100% synthetic. We use materials like cotton and satin as fabrics for some of our designs as well. We source the materials from vendors we trust so that it aligns with our requirements & we can maintain the quality & authenticity. So in order to be PETA approved, it is not only the material that we use but it is also the process of making the shoes that is the manufacturing process that has to be vegan. The gum solution that is used to stick the soles of our product is a sticky substance that is derived from plants. Vegan footwear is Sustainable fashion, which is a belief and a lifestyle and is also the future of the world”. We love how wholesome the label is!

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