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Our Favourite Beer Brand Is Coming Out With A Fashion Line And We Can’t Wait!

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Budweiser, your friendly neighbourhood beer brand is brewing more than just beer now. It is set to launch its first ever streetwear collection, collaborating with five leading brands – VegNonVeg, Huemn, NorBlackNorWhite, Hanif Kureshi & Boxout.FM.


Aiming to spread its wings across fields of culture, music and art, Budweiser steps into the fashion fraternity by curating limited edition of tees, hoodies, track suits and much more for millennials and gen Z. This collection, BUDXSTREET, will announce Budweiser’s integration of heritage with the bold and edgy identity of the youth.

The launch that is set to happen on 19th January in Delhi, is set to become a platform to engage the rising street culture community in India. The platform also aids Budweiser’s one of the most important goals of continuously shifting the paradigm from ‘following culture’ to truly ‘creating it’.

This exclusive launch will see the coming together of  brand owners and ambassadors like Anand Ahuja, Hanif Kureshi, Shyma Shetty,  Mriga Kapadia and other collaborators. The aim is to fuel a movement, you aren’t just buying a piece of clothing, you are buying into a lifestyle you identify with. We got a sneak peek into some of the products in this range, and as a millennial, there are plenty we would pick up without a thought. The funky hoodies particularly caught our attention.






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