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Get Stylish And Comfy With Brass Tacks

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It’s not every day that you find a design label that caters to the career-driven, ambitious modern woman who loves her style as much as she loves comfort! And if you’re one among those many women, you’ve actually stumbled upon the right post. Brass Tacks is a fashion label that owes its design sensibilities to women who boast the perfect blend of Indian-ness and modernity. The muse of this label, a 25 to 35-something, can be defined as someone who is young, independent and lives life on their own terms.

Using natural and hand-crafted fabrics, this fashion-forward brand is about pieces that have modern silhouettes. The ethos of the brand is ‘simplicity in design yet timeless in appeal’. Think linen button-down shirts with cuffed sleeves, structured block-printed jackets, well-constructed day dresses, cropped yet polished trousers, all of which can be readily pushed into that workwear wardrobe of yours. But if you thought that’s all, well, NO! There are contrast pattern dresses, boxy cropped tops and casual shirts that work perfectly on a relaxed day out. Looking to shop for a little something this season? We think this affordable clothing label could surely become your next go-to e-store.

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Curious about this brand? Here’s a sneak peek at some of our favourite pieces from their collection:

Brass Tacks Patch Work Dress_Hauterfly

Brass Tacks Patch Work Dress (Rs 3,710)

Brass Tacks Boxy Crop Top_Hauterfly

Brass Tacks Boxy Crop Top (Rs 2,870)

Brass Tacks Fashion Tunic_Hauterfly

Brass Tacks Fashion Tunic (Rs 2,780)

Brass Tacks 8pm Jumpsuit_Hauterfly

Brass Tacks 8pm Jumpsuit (Rs 7,080)

Brass Tacks Cropped Junior II_Hauterfly

Brass Tacks Cropped Junior II (Rs 1,800)

Brass Tacks Fitted 201_Hauterfly

Brass Tacks Fitted 201 (Rs 1,240)

Brass Tacks Shawl Jacket_Hauterfly

Brass Tacks Shawl Jacket (Rs 2,500)

Brass Tacks U Hem Dress_Hauterfly

Brass Tacks U Hem Dress (Rs 3,500)

Brass Tacks Dhoti Dungarees_Hauterfly

Brass Tacks Dhoti Dungarees (Rs 5,850)

Brass Tacks Collared Patch Dress_Hauterfly

Brass Tacks Collared Patch Dress (Rs 4,230)


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