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Dear Bollywood, Bralette Pantsuits Are Sexy And All But The Average Girl Can’t Possibly Wear Them

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We often speak about Bollywood’s promotional fashion game being disconnected from practicality. When I look around the office, I see women in stylish ensembles that serve the purpose of fashion and functionality both, there is nothing that’s held together by good intentions and prayers. Most of the young women I work with have either have long commutes or complicated ones, so clothing has to serve as a statement but also being highly functional, going from day to night on a Friday. After years of hustling in flared trousers and multi-purpose pencil skirts, we have learned a thing or two of how to build a wardrobe that is stylish, yet practical enough to keep us from tugging at loose ends all day.

One of the main reasons I love my job is that I get paid to be abreast of the latest fashion trends and reporting on them. The only thing, I love all things fashion and am constantly on the look-out for the next top trend popping up. Unfortunately, with Bollywood fashion, a majority of these trends come from promotional looks created by celebs for their upcoming moves and most of them are unadaptable to the real-world scenarios. The only time we might wear a three-piece Indo Western ensemble, the ones that Sonakshi Sinha loves so much, is on vacation, perhaps. It is a lot of commitment to take an elaborate outfit as such and keep it looking fabulous all day. No can do!

A new trend on the block are the sexy and smart bralette pantsuits that our young fashion girls have been muses for. We love pantsuits as a trend, but the new upgrade of skipping a blouse and pairing it with a bralette instead seems like an unnecessary update on an already established look. If the intention of the style is to make it more “party-friendly”, we have three words for you, ‘Blazer and Shorts’. An average girl won’t shell our her savings to secure a matching set or skip a pretty blouse for a bralette, it’s just not feasible. We’d be uncomfortable. And as mentioned, we like our clothes to serve multiple functions and his one serves just one.

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The disconnect that I feel with the looks created by Bollywood stars goes beyond sexy pantsuits. We also have leggy beauties like Deepika Padukone in tangerine puffy sleeves…

…and cool actresses like Kriti Sanon in weird sash shift dresses:


Also, what’s up with those shoes with that outfit? As someone who loves to source inspiration from fashion stars, it is difficult to use anything from these promotional looks because A) They are pricey and B) Do not translate well to my everyday clothing needs. I am sincerely hoping Bollywood stylists would take into account and curate some looks that we can take notes from and re-create with the clothes that are in our wardrobe already.

On a different note, since we are talking about bralettes, we can always use some more to air with our semi- sheer tees and tanks. Here’s all the sexy ones that we scoured around for.

The Lace Front

The T-shirt Bralette

The Padded Plunge

The Plummet Fit

The Racerback

Happy Shopping, Ladies!

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