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Boi’s Budget Buys: The Polka-Dot Dungarees

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One universal fashion problem for most girls is, “What do I wear today?” This question has the power to reduce us to a hysterical mess. Fashionista or not, nobody wants sartorial answers that cost a fortune. And let’s just be honest, you’re THE style star if you know how to dress to the nines on a budget. So I’ve taken up this Herculean task: every Saturday, I’ll round up a budget-friendly ensemble for you, all BELOW Rs 10,000. Yes! It’s going to be an entire outfit — from head-to-toe — without breaking the bank. Quite a challenge, right? Scroll down to shop this budget ensemble, and don’t forget to come back every Saturday to discover an outfit that’s yet another steal!

The new year is here and you know what that means, right? New goals, new challenges, new, exciting things to do, and of course, a new wardrobe. Well, you don’t need a *complete* overhaul of *everything* in your closet, but changing up a few key pieces, stocking up on some fresh basics, and trying out different pairings can make a huge difference. This month, Imma do that with polka dots.

Raise your hand if you think polka is one of the cutest prints… ever. No, really — it’s feminine, flirty, and so so adorbs! If you don’t love yourself some polkas, Imma judge you. Remember Sophia Lauren and Audrey Hepburn in polka dots? Or the song Yellow Polka Dot Bikini? I thought these might ring a bell.

So my look for this week ties in the cutesy of polka dots, the coolness of a denim jacket, the comfort of sneakers (yeah, we’re not getting over those anytime soon), and the necessity of accessories. Heading for brunch with the girls? This works. Date night with the cutie you swiped right on? So works. Hell, going partying with the gang? Dance All. Night. Long. in this outfit.

Just look at these Mango dungarees and tell me you *don’t* love them? So cute and so trendy. Throw on the printed Disney denim jacket (do not miss Mickey and Minnie having a party on it), and add this pair of red and white checkered sneakers, and you’re pretty much set.

But of course, what is a girl out and about without her trustee bag? Don’t kill the vibe of this look with a giant tote (yes, we know it’s hard since there is SO much stuff you HAVE to carry around with you) — instead, opt for a funky fringed sling like this one. It’s neutral, looks good, and will fit in all your essentials for the day.

Finally, assuming you’ll be making a day of it, put on this sexed out pair of holographic/mirrored round-framed sunglasses right before you step out of the house. Change my name if you don’t turn heads and drown in compliments. And then send me your #OOTD selfies, because what’s the point of looking *that* good and not documenting it, hmm?







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