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Boi’s Budget Buys: The Slip Maxi Dress

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One universal fashion problem for most girls is, “What do I wear today?” This question has the power to reduce us to a hysterical mess. Fashionista or not, nobody wants sartorial answers that cost a fortune. And let’s just be honest, you’re THE style star if you know how to dress to the nines on a budget. So I’ve taken up this Herculean task: every Saturday, I’ll round up a budget-friendly ensemble for you, all BELOW Rs 10,000. Yes! It’s going to be an entire outfit — from head-to-toe — without breaking the bank. Quite a challenge, right? Scroll down to shop this budget ensemble, and don’t forget to come back every Saturday to discover an outfit that’s yet another steal!

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a tiny person. Ok, that makes me sound like a midget, which I’m *technically* not, but close enough. I’ve been mocked for my short height all my life, but guess what?! I don’t care! In fact, I revel in my tiny-ness, and sputter out the cliched dialogue, “Beautiful things come in small packages” like it’s going out of fashion. But there is one MAJOR thing I don’t like about being petite — finding clothes that fit me, more specifically, pants, jeans, and maxi dresses and skirts. Invariably, I need to get the length altered, which isn’t always possible.

So when I find a maxi dress or skirt that actually doesn’t sweep the floor or one that isn’t out to make me trip and fall flat on my face, I’m thrilled, to put it mildly. While this is rare, at least in India (which is why I LOVE shopping in Singapore and Thailand), it’s been known to happen. Just like this pretty, tie-and-dye summery-sort of dress I found on online portal New Chic (don’t you just love discovering new places to shop from #ShoppingIsMyTherapy).

Now, I’m well aware that winter is still upon us, more so in some cities than in mine, but I’m Bengali, which means that even the slightest nip in the air has me running for my monkey cap and muffler. So how do I handle this situation? Layering, of course! Slip dresses have been doing the rounds lately, so Imma turn this dress into one by wearing this plain, black, fitted Zara top underneath. As you know how I like it, it’ll keep me warm and stylish.

Accessories make or break and outfit, we all know this, so I’ve handpicked them with care. The bracelet and long, layered necklace from Mango complement the ensemble perfectly (look at that matchy-matchy blue!), as does this Stalk Buy Love metallic blue and gold sling bag. Capping it off with these super comfy black and gold Koovs sandals, I’m ready for my #OOTD selfie.

I love this look in particular because it’s feminine, bang on-trend, uber comfortable, and well put-together, don’t you think? Are you feeling my vibe here? If you are, you know what to do! Like, comment, share and of course, send me your pictures! ‘Ta!








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