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Zareen Khan, Deepika Padukone Have All Been Seen Wearing Boiler Suits And It Makes Dressing Up So Easy

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Fun Fact: Boilersuits, a form of loose-fitting jumpsuits, get their name from their origins of being the uniform for men maintaining coal-fired boilers. Built with the idea of a covering one’s whole body while climbing into boilers, these suits provided a safe haven from dirt and soot. From its industrial roots to more extravagant ones, boiler suits have been on racetracks, jump planes cargo pits and even in the World War II closet of Winston Churchill, who termed his a ‘siren suit’. Also, let’s not forget the disco-era suits with fabulous open buttoned shapes that popularised chest hair among men.

This baby goes way back…and looks like it’s primed to make a comeback soon enough!

A busy Wednesday afternoon led me to my Instagram Explore, a space that I often visit during my breaks. The number of jumpsuits that showed up in my feed was alarming, with Zareen Khan’s MASH By Malvika Shroff embroidered number reminding me how easy it is to just put one of these on and go about your day. The boiler suit is a slightly baggier version of the jumpsuit and does not have any distinctive breaks between the top half and the pants, making it ideal for women who are interested in straight silhouettes and a lot of bladder control. Psst…the label makes ’em in an array of fun colours, our hearts already set on a lavender-hued beaut!

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What I love about boiler suits is that it is such an instant ‘dressy’ alternative for a pair of jeans and a top. You can pair it with chunky sneakers, sleek stilettos or even flat mules, they can be styled for any terrain. They are easy to wear, a dream for girls who love the utility chic trend. With free sizing available with this style, this is an inclusive look. It is also a street style staple for the lazy girl on the go, this a good travel wardrobe inclusion, considering the fact that it saves space and looks super cool.

Check out the styles that we are stocking up this season!

Happy shopping, ladies!

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