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8 ‘It’ Work Bags To Beat Those Monday Blues

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The search for the right work bag, that creates maximum impact, while checking all the boxes for functionality, can get a bit tricky. Which bag compliments that cute pantsuit you have been dying to wear to work? And which one says understated while enhancing your boss lady image? It’s not a choice you can make all that lightly. So, we decided to give you some super chic bag silhouettes to refresh your workwear wardrobe and elevate your whole look.


Burberry Knapsack

Burberry Vintage Check Backpack (Rs 99,260)


Can you ever go wrong with a sturdy and smart bag? Sure, knapsacks can tend to look a bit too simple at times, but that’s not the case anymore. The practical bag has gotten a pretty cool upgrade in the last couple of years. Not only does it look really cute but it’s also roomy enough to hold all your daily essentials. And they’ll stand out from the sea of duffels and totes.


Le Pliage Work Bag

Longchamp Le Pliage (Rs 13,567)

Classic Tote

There’s no way the classic tote wouldn’t make it on our list. The amorphous bag is best known for being unmatched in its functionality, plus it lends itself seamlessly to anything you wear, easy-peasy. Consider the tote a less magical version of Hermione’s bottomless bag.


Alexander McQueen Bucket Bag

Alexander McQueen Chain Detail Bucket Bag (Rs 2,12,466)

Bucket Bag

Just because you are going to be carrying your bag to work, doesn’t mean that you can’t make it fun. Not only does the bucket bag bring joy to any outfit, it’s boxy bottom ensures that your favourite shade of lipstick doesn’t get lost in the endless nooks and crannies. You can also slip in a small laptop or tablet, and it’ll still not look clunky and out of place.


Ferragamo Satchel Work Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo Satchel Bag (Rs 1,85,906)

Messenger Bag

Short handles are not always the most practical ones. Especially when you are trying to balance a zillion things in your hands. So, why not opt for a bag that makes life really easy and scores major points on style? We’re talking about the Messenger Bag that’s as much a day bag as a party one and lets you be hands-free.


Prada Bowling Bag

Prada Daino Bowling Bag (Rs 1,70,742)

Bowling Bag

If you thought the bowling bag is only meant for a sweaty gym sesh, you’re so mistaken. The bag has gone through some major restructuring, making it one of the most stylish handbag choices that not only make a fashion statement but takes athleisure to the next level.


Zac Posen Work Bag

Zac Zac Posen Eartha Convertible Backpack (Rs 38,347)

Convertible Bag

Whether you are commuting to work or just catching up for a drink with your friends, having the choice of wearing your bag multiple ways is so handy. The convertible bag goes from a clutch to a backpack and a tote just by strapping it on the way you want. And the one that’s caught our eye is not only functional but absolutely adorable to look at, with its transparent exterior studded with colourful baubles.


Gucci Shopper Work Bag

Gucci Floral Shopper (Rs 1,08,401)


Ditch those itty bitty bags, and go for a bag that actually fits your whole day. For us it’s been the good old boxy shopper bag, that’s fail-proof when it comes to functionality. And with every designer producing really slick versions of the shopper these days, there’s no stopping us from making it our new work bag must-have.


Coach Hobo Work Bag

Coach Polished Pebble Hobo (Rs 46,488)


The slouchy and fuss-free body of the hobo bag is the perfect bag to be carried around town. Stuff it with everything that you own and it will still manage to retain its shape and make for a great arm candy.


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