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Baishali Is Celebrating The Day Of Love In This Date Night Dress

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I know, I know — wearing red on Valentine’s Day is the biggest cliche you’ve heard…ever. And yes, Valentine’s Day is so overrated, love should be celebrated every single day, blah blah blah. But hey, you know how I see it? Sure, we should be celebrating love and passion and compassion all through the year, but God knows this world needs some more, and a little but of reiteration or reassurance in the form of ONE single day isn’t something I mind. The idea behind the day is beautiful, more because you need not celebrate ONLY with your lover — honour the love you have for your fam, for your besties, for your pets, hell, even for yourself, because we all know that you can’t really love anyone else if you don’t love yourself, am I right?

Ok, enough with the mush and philosophy. The point is, I celebrate this day every single year, no matter what. Whether it’s going out for a romantic dinner with bae, going clubbing with my girls, or movie night with my mom and sister, it’s a day I wait for. And this year is no different. I mean, I’m just feeling happy that I get to share my Editor’s Pick with y’all on Valentine’s Day.

Enter this beeeuuteephool red fishtail maxi dress from Forever New. If you know me at all, you know that I love all things feminine, specifically when it comes to silhouettes. And this dress really hits the spot, right there.



Hugging my curves and cascading down into a fishtail (although I’d prefer calling it a mermaid skirt, because, you know, The Little Mermaid *starry eyes*), this maxi is all sorts of sexy. Not one of those bare-it-all kinds of dresses (which, BTW, I love too), it leaves plenty to the imagination for the end of the date…if you know what I mean.

I’ll probably wear this one with a pair of slinky earrings, leaving my neck bare, maybe a slim bracelet, and a slightly shimmery clutch. The surprise element I’ll add to this ensemble is a pair of gold-toned sneakers. You don’t see that coming, do you? I’m hoping neither will he.

So while some of you roll your eyes at me, I’m off for a fun and hopefully kinky night out in my impossibly sexy red fishtail dress. How about you go and celebrate some love too, and send us your V-Day selfies? You know you want to…

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